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Let’s Confirm It! Can Cockroaches Live In Your Penis?

It all started on a meme post on Instagram. The post is a screenshot of a Google search result “Can cockroaches live in your penis?” that catches not only Instagram viewers’ attention, but also, most internet users.

As it went viral around the internet, many decided to Google it to see for themselves if the statement is true. It became one of the top search queries on Google Trend because many got intrigued about the context of the screenshot where the Google search top result stated that “Absolutely! It’s totally normal, too”. And what makes this topic more interesting is the enclosed sentence “this is how they got the name ‘cock’-roach” referring to a male’s cock.

Can Cockroaches Live In Your Penis Main Photo

Are Cockroaches Dangerous

Before we confirm if the statement is true or not, let’s talk about cockroaches first and see if these little creatures are dangerous to humans. Well, the first thing that people mostly think if cockroaches are capable of biting humans as other insects do. Well, the answer is yes but it is a rare case – if you intend to be bitten by a cockroach or while you are sleeping. Yes, they will bite you while you are sleeping, and mostly, they bite human eyelids because they feed on dead skin and eyelashes.

Cockroach Bites

Their bites are harmless compared to other insects that have stings and poisons but they have the same effects – swelling muscles. The swelling caused by cockroach bites is bigger compared to mosquito bites because of the infection caused by harmful bacteria. Cockroaches are carrying harmful bacteria because they feed on garbage and live in unsanitary places like sewers and dirty canals. And because they are the carrier of many pathogens that can cause different diseases this makes cockroaches harmful to humans.

A Little Trivia About Cockroaches

If a human touches the cockroaches, observe how cockroaches react after releasing them. They will run away and clean up themselves like it feels disgusted to humans. Sounds funny but they do cleaning as they feel irritated when some foreign material accumulates on their body, especially oil when a human touches them.

Cockroach Self-Grooming

They can’t function properly because the accumulated materials block their senses, especially their antennae. Cockroaches secure their legs and antennae to be always clean because it’s their sense of smell on finding food and searching for their mates. That is why cockroaches do cleaning on their bodies – staying clean is essential for their survival.

Factors to Consider

Now let’s recap the topic: “Can cockroaches live on your penis?” and take a look at the factors to confirm if it’s possible.

Cockroaches Live in Unsanitary Places – cockroaches love to stay in dirty and dumped places. And if you imagine an unsanitized penis or poor hygiene might be a potential place for cockroaches to live, accompanied by unshaved long pubic hair will be their best hideout.

Cockroach Likes Unsanitary Places

Cockroaches Are Not Picky Eaters – Cockroaches treat everything as their food, they’ll feast on almost anything like dead insects, animal skin, and even human hair which the penis is rich in pubic hair. So, this might be a good shelter for cockroaches where they can eat and live.

Cockroach Not A Picky Eater

Cockroaches Attract to Pungent Odors – Rotting fruits and vegetables that give off a very pungent smell attract cockroaches. The same goes with an unwashed penis that builds up moisture and oil or the smegma will cause the penis to have a smelly odor that might attract cockroaches.

Cockroach Loves Pungent Odors

These factors might conclude that cockroaches can live in your penis, but wait before we close the discussion let’s take a look at the other factors to clear things up.

Cockroaches Tend to Avoid Humans – As we mentioned earlier, they get irritated when touched by humans because they don’t like oils and this element is always present on our skin as we touch anything that will accumulate oils. So, as much as possible, cockroaches are avoiding humans.

Cockroach Tend To Avoid Human

Penis Has Bodily Oils and Secretions – Male discharges any fluid that comes from the urethra other than urine. There’s semen from the ejaculatory duct and smegma that builds up around the head of the penis. And these bodily oils and secretions are the elements that cockroaches wouldn’t want on them.

Penis Has Bodily Oils And Secretions

Cockroach Wasn’t Named After Human Cock – The name cockroach comes from the Spanish word Cucaracha, which derives from the Latin Blatta meaning “an insect that shines the light”. That said, the cockroach name has nothing to do with the penis or the male cock – they are not connected.

Can Cockroaches Live In Your Penis Cockroach Wasn't Named After Male Cock

Cockroaches are Pretty Big For a Penis Hole – We couldn’t imagine how a cockroach would fit on a small penis hole, even a nymph is not fit to go inside – it is very impossible. But there are rare cases that cockroaches enter other human holes like the ears while sleeping and it’s possible because holes in the ear are much bigger compared to penis holes.

Can Cockroaches Live In Your Penis Cockroach Is Too Big For A Penis Hole


At first, there is no concrete evidence that cockroaches can live in the male penis until we further discussed the factors that we need to consider, we confirmed that there is no way a cockroach can live on your penis – they would avoid crawling into your penis hole. The cockroach has nothing to do with your penis. The original post on Instagram is clearly for clout chasing on social media.

Frequently Ask Questions

Borax is the best choice to kill cockroaches instantly. When they consume borax it will rapidly kill them to dehydration. Just apply borax to places where cockroaches are active. For the best result, you can mix it in equal amounts with table sugar – roaches love sugar.

Cockroaches are avoiding light not because they are afraid of it. They just understand that exposing themselves to lights might harm them where predators like lizards and frogs hunt them down. And also cockroaches are nocturnal.

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