Holy Teacher? More Of A Horny Teacher

Teachers at school are persons who instill knowledge in children. However, in porn videos teachers aren’t good influences.

A fitted semi-formal top with a short skirt and big glasses is how a teacher is portrayed in porn videos, which the viewers are hooked to it because it is cute and at the same time hot.

Teacher sex video is one of the most in-demand categories in porn websites because the actors portray the teacher role well. When we say in-demand it means they are also favorite for download because teacher roles in pornography are more exciting than the real teacher.

Below I will give you two methods on how you can download teacher sex videos.

Method 1. Download Teacher Sex Video Using the Built-In Download Button

Some porn websites have a built-in download button. So, here I have collected porn sites that offer this feature.

The first website we can download teacher porn videos from is Youjizz.com

Download Teacher Sex Video From Youjizz

Just click the arrow button facing down and the download will start automatically.

Second, is Porntube.com

Button In PornTube To Download Teacher Sex Video

Still, click the download button and it will automatically start downloading.

Lastly, HDzog.com

Button To Download Teacher Sex Video

Just visit the porn website and pick the teacher sex video you want to download then click the download button.

Method 2. Download Teacher Sex Videos Using A Video Downloader

Since not every porn websites have this built-in download option. Maybe you need a video downloader to help you download any teacher porn video from any website.

iTubeGo has cool features, one of them is that it can let you download porn videos in batches! Another one is it has a Private Folder feature that is password-protected so no one can see what kind of videos you are downloading.

This downloader could also Download Higher Resolutions up to 8K, and will let you choose whatever format you want for your downloaded video.

Moreover, if you don’t want to open porn sites on your browser you can use the Built-In Browser of iTubeGo, then you can search the porn site you want to visit and play the video that you like then click the Embedded Download Button to download it.

I will guide you below on how you could use this video downloader to download teacher sex videos:

First, download and install iTubeGo from the button below. Then launch the program.

Second, go to the porn website that has a teacher sex video then copy the link to the video you want to download.

Address Bar Screenshot

Third, choose your preferred output, from resolution to format. All you have to do is click the setting icon on the upper part.

Navigate Output Options To Download Porn

Lastly, after you copy the teacher sex video link paste it on the “Paste URL” box on the upper left part. Then the download will start automatically. And you can see your downloaded videos on the “Downloaded” tab on the side.

Method 3. Download Live Streaming Teacher Sex Video Using A Screen Recorder

Some porn websites offer live streaming sex videos. Since you cannot save live streaming porn videos using a downloader here is a screen recorder for you to record live streaming porn for collection or for later viewing.

Aiseessoft Screen Recorder is a live streaming screen recorder that allows you to set a timer for your recorder. For example, you cannot finish live streaming porn because you are sleepy. You can set the timer to record the rest of the live streaming porn. Just set the timer so it will stop the recording after the time.

In addition, this screen recorder can let you set a recording schedule, this is perfect for a busy person who cannot catch the streaming time. Just set a schedule to record the live streaming teacher porn video.

Here below is the guide on how to record teacher live streaming porn.

  • Download the Aiseessoft Screen Recorder by clicking the button below. Then launch it on your computer.
  • Open the program and choose Video Recorder.
  • After you click Video Recorder you will be presente with the recording setting. You can set if you want to record full screen or customize your recording area. You can also turn ON your Webcam and turn ON your Microphone if you’re having an interactive live streaming.
  • Then after that, go back to the live streamin gporn website and click REC if you are ready to record the lice porn. Then press Stop if you want yo end the recording session.
  • To check your recorded session go to the Recording History.

Five easy steps to save the live streaming teacher porn video on your computer.


Teacher sex videos are undeniably exciting from looking at their looks and their actions. These porn roles are like spices they are adding flavor to the porn industry that is why consumers also are eager to get porn from any site.

I presented you with two methods you can choose to have your teacher porn videos downloaded! First is the use of a built-in download button, this method is easy and straight forward but the thing with this method is you cant choose the video quality, and not all porn websites have a free download button. The second method is the useful one not just because of its features but also you can download videos from any website you like. Make sure to use the method that suits you best.


What are the other roles in sex videos?

Aside from the teacher role, there are still many sex roles out there. Like Incest, MILF, Bisexual, Hentai, and many more. If you like to watch porn videos that have sex roles visit Pornhub.com which offers a wide range of categories.