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Eating Girlfriend Out: 16 Secrets to Make Her Scream & Squirt

To make your girlfriend mentally and sexually satisfied with your relationship, treat her like a queen and eat her well. Yeah, you heard me right, eat her out like she never experienced before. When it comes to sex, men should be responsible enough to do their role as the initiators and foreplay is the first step here. Foreplay is essential to make every woman’s sex experience more satisfying and to achieve orgasm. And one of the best foreplay to make a woman reach her peak is by eating her pussy. So, if you do have a girlfriend who’s ready to get laid then spread her legs and do the rest – go down and eat your girlfriend out.

Eating Girlfriend Out

Is Eating Girlfriend Out Necessary

You may wonder, is eating your girlfriend out necessary? Well, eating out her pussy is the most effective way to stimulate her blood flow and make her more aroused – women who are aroused are more engaging and perform well in sex.

You might think that eating a girl’s pussy is just as simple as pressing a button to turn on a device. But it requires patience and skills to hit the right tempo and tongue strokes – depending on how your girlfriend’s body would react to your eating style.

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The Essence of Giving Sexual Satisfaction

On the other hand, some men who don’t care about making their partner sexually satisfied during sex can’t find any reason to eat a girl out – all they want is to achieve self-satisfaction. These men have the same mentalities missed the essence of real sex. So if you are one of them or you have friends with the same sexual manners then try to make a change – make passionate sex. Do the foreplay and eating your girlfriend out is where you should start to make your sex more intense and pleasurable.

Eating Girlfriend Out Is Necessary

Eating Girlfriend Out is a Serious Matter

Like what I said earlier, eating your girlfriend out is not simple and it requires techniques and skills to locate her G-spot while you go down. You need to be more patient in finding the spot. When you got the right position and tempo, focus and do it according to her body reaction. Having this moment is a crucial part, one mistake will ruin everything and might turn her off. She might push you away to stop – it would be such a disappointment on her part that she’s almost at the peak of her climax but got ruined by your slight error.

How to Eating a Girl Out: 16 Secrets that Men Should Know

Eating a girlfriend out is a skill that some men don’t have but can be practiced and learned through experience. Trying new stuff while having sex is a usual thing to do, you and your partner must explore every position and foreplay, of course, to make your sex experience more enjoyable. Now, if you want to give your girlfriend a pleasure that she never tried before then try these 16 secrets of how to eat a girl out to make her scream and squirt.

#1. Build the Anticipation

Pump her up and set her mood first. If your girlfriend is having dinner with you tonight or you are planning to have a date, then try to build her anticipation. You can share with her what you will do to please her in bed. Telling her your plans will turn her on – she can already imagine what will happen during your sex. It will pump her up and make her more excited.

Eating Girlfriend Out Build The Anticipation

#2. Work with Her Body First

Now, to heat things up, work with her body first. Before eating your girlfriend out, you should wake her wild side first – making her aroused. Give her a romance, kiss her neck, kiss her lips and touch her body – do it passionately. Working with the other region of her body will make her more engaging and horny.

Eating Girlfriend Out Work With Her Body First

#3. Move Down Slowly

Being aggressive is not a bad move but if you want to make things more exciting, especially on her side, then do the work slowly. Kiss her passionately from her lips to her neck, then slowly slide your tongue from her neck to her boobs and play with her nipples. Then move down slowly until you reach the target.

Eating Girlfriend Out Go Down Slowly

#4. Find the Right Spot

If you go down to find the target, then you should know where the right spot is. Focus on the most important part of her pussy which is the clitoris. It is the most sensitive spot as it has the most nerve endings that play a big role in women’s orgasms during sex and solo play or fingering. Eating your girlfriend out is all about licking and sucking her clit.

Eating Girlfriend Out Find The Right Spot

#5. Recreate the Motion

One of the most reliable tools to stimulate the clit is the vibrator. Now, it’s time to impress your girlfriend with your eating style, recreate the motion created by the vibrator through your tongue. Flick the tip of your tongue on her clitoris back and forth to mimic the vibrator’s motion. If you do this perfectly, your girlfriend will scream and squirt in no time.

Eating Girlfriend Out Recreate The Motion

#6. Flick it with Pressure

To make it more intense and mind-blowing while you eat your girlfriend out, don’t take it lightly, instead, press down your tongue while flicking it back and forth. With the combination of the right tempo and pressure on the clit, your girlfriend will surely go crazy while enjoying the sensation caused by your eating style.

Eating Girlfriend Out Flick It With Pressure

#7. Do it with Your Lips

When eating your girlfriend out your tongue isn’t the only weapon that you can use to play with her pussy. You can stimulate her pussy using every part of your mouth, especially the lips. You can tease her by kissing her pussy. It makes her hornier when you pull her clitoris using your mouth.

Eating Girlfriend Out Do It With Your Lips

#8. Do the Suction

Now that you started eating your girlfriend with your mouth, you can add pressure to make it more intense and make her scream. You can create pressure with the cooperation of your mouth and tongue to suck her clitoris while pulling it. By doing this, she will surely achieve orgasm and make her body shiver.

Eating Girlfriend Out Do The Suction

#9. Double Stimulation

If you think fingering is just for a woman’s solo play, well, you got it wrong. While eating your girlfriend out, you can multitask – make your hands busy. You can slide your finger inside while sucking her clitoris. This will make a double stimulation both on the clitoris and G-spot. Hear out her moans while she enjoys your sucking and fingering.

Eating Girlfriend Out Double Stimulation

#10. Take a Quick Break

While changing positions, you can take a quick break and ask her what she wants and know what are the things she loves while you are eating her out. This will help you if some adjustments are needed to make her more comfortable with your stimulation method. Don’t be afraid to take a break, I am sure that your partner also wants a little air to breathe after your intense intercourse.

Eating Girlfriend Out Take A Quick Break

#11. Make Your Hands Busy

While you are busy eating your girlfriend out, use your hand to stimulate the other region of her body. Find her erogenous zones to stimulate her body blood flow – to make her more aroused. You can reach her boobs and squeeze or flick her nipples with your fingers. Rub every part of her body or squeeze her butt.

Eating Girlfriend Out Make Your Hands Busy

#12. Change Positions

To make your sex enjoyable and remarkable, explore new things like the positions that will work for you and your partner. Try different strokes and positions that will make her body more comfortable and will make her aroused. Try everything and compare which are the best positions and methods that made your partner sexually satisfied.

Eating Girlfriend Out Change Positions

#13. Switch the Tempo

While eating your girlfriend out, you don’t need to put pressure all the time. You need to learn how to adjust the tempo by switching from slow to fast phase or fast to slow phase – depending on her body reaction. By switching the tempo, you can determine what is the perfect flow of your stimulation whether she loves slow or fast.

Eating Girlfriend Out Switch The Tempo

#14. Remove the Insecurity

Many girls out there don’t want to let their partner eat their pussy for some reason. But one thing is for sure, if she thinks her partner doesn’t like to eat her out then she won’t either. So, if you have a girlfriend who’s ready to get laid tonight, then don’t let her miss the most important thing that she must experience during your sex. Tell her that you want to eat her and this will give her the courage to allow you to do what you want.

Eating Girlfriend Out Remove The Insecurity

#15. Ask Her What She Wants

You might think about what she wants during your sex, then ask her. To make her comfortable you can romantically deliver the question, hug her then whisper. Ask her what she wants and what she doesn’t. This will give you an idea of what are the exact things to do during your sex.

Eating Girlfriend Out Ask What She Wants

#16. Stay Down

If you feel tired or your jaw is starting to sore, don’t stop and stand to take a rest. Your girlfriend might feel awkward. But instead, stay down and let her feel that you are enjoying eating her out. It will make her more engaging and she will enjoy your tongue and mouth while eating her pussy.

Eating Girlfriend Out Stay Down

The Bottom Line

Eating your girlfriend out is something that men should do while having sex with their girlfriend. Let the girls experience the most important part of sex – eating your girlfriend’s pussy. Learning how to eat a girl out is not simple, you can master it by practice and experience. And you are so lucky that we’ve discussed here the 16 secrets to make your girlfriend scream and squirt.

Frequently Ask Questions

Many would disagree that eating a pussy will give you health benefits. Lactobacillus can help break down food, absorb nutrients, and fight off bad organisms.

Well, there is no exact answer to how long you should eat a girl out but most experienced partners who are doing this agreed on 15 minutes. But if you are not into this eating stuff, there’s a chance that your tongue would get sore.

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