We all know that, for the most part, porn is all about the images, especially for guys. Reading, on the other hand, might occasionally stimulate you more than watching. If you’re open to new experiences and appreciate reading obscene works produced by a variety of adult authors from around the world, this list of the greatest free sex stories sites will provide lots of entertainment.

Using your imagination to fill in the spaces and bring what has been written on paper, or on a screen, to life will stimulate you like nothing else. We’re well aware that the procedure always results in a flaming mess. If you’re new to all of this, however, you could have a hard time finding the perfect sites to fulfill your newfound love for sex stories.

Moreover, are you looking for something even better? Have you ever read sex stories that allow you to interact with the characters? It’s a sort of choose-your-own-adventure scenario. With several choices and a tale that branches out, as a result, these interactive porn stories let you control what happens. This excites us, even more, when we read sex stories. Apart from reading sex stories, you owe it to yourself to listen to a variety of audio stories. Put your headphones on and be ready to hear a sultry voice, either male or female, read phrases that will give you chills.

To assist you, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the most popular sex story websites. The outcome is the list on this page. However, we’re continuously on the lookout for new websites that offer free sex stories.

Websites That Offer Sex Stories

Free Sex Stories Websites - literotica.com

Literotica is a free website with an ever-growing library of free sex stories, sex poems, pictures, audio works, and essays in a range of genres. Members can also publish their own work, participate in live chats with other members, participate in forums, post personal ads, and seek guidance in a weekly column. More than one million people have registered on the site, making it a very large and active community.

Literotica’s fantasy-thirsty users can find adult works in a variety of categories. From lesbian, gay, and shemale stories to romance, science fiction, sensual horror, and more, there’s something for everyone. There’s also audio erotica if you like to listen to a seductive voice, as well as interactive adult novels in which you can direct the plot. Those who wish to post sex stories or other content, participate in a live chat, discuss ideas in a forum, and receive helpful criticism through a dedicated portion of the site. Literotica.com also provides members with helpful tools, FAQs, and contests.

Free Sex Stories Websites - sexstories.com

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what SexStories.com has to offer, but you may not be aware that it is one of the largest and most popular erotica and adult fiction websites on the internet. The content covers a wide range of topics and, unlike some other websites, does not shy away from contentious topics.

The SexStories website is straightforward. A blue or black and white color scheme is available. And take note that this site has no advertisement on the text. To help you filter content, there are genres and themes. The highest-rated, most recent, most read, low-rated, and unrated sex stories are displayed on the home page. At the very least, there’s a font size button, which eliminates the need to zoom into the text with your mouse wheel. You also get an author’s list and a section for the most recent updates. Overall, the site is uncluttered and simple to navigate, however, it lacks mobile device optimization.

Free Sex Stories Websites - Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository

The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository, or ASSTR for short, is a popular free story website with over 1000 authors that hosts an incredible quantity of various sex stories and poetry, as well as numerous archived and famous collections. The site is credited with assisting pornographic authors like Mary Anne Mohanraj and Elf Sternberg establish their careers.

In terms of substance, the archive area, which is divided into numerous collections, has stories dating back decades. Some are more well-known than others, or you might browse the best new authors and works. Because of the large number of stories and writers, practically every orientation and category imaginable is represented. Users can also list themselves as authors and submit their own works. By the way, user submissions aren’t limited to regular text. ASSTR also hosts EPUB files, which you may read with our eBook reader.

Free Sex Stories Websites - Solo Touch

Solotouch is a free erotic story website that includes solo, couple, lesbian, and homosexual stories. Their story repository contains over 40 THOUSAND stories that are available to the public for free. Simply select a category on the left or conduct a search on the right for specific keywords or authors, and you’re ready to go. Everything is free, and there are no irritating advertisements. You can also register there to have access to the chat, forum, custom profiles, and other cool features.

Free Sex Stories Websites - CHYOA - Fiction for Adults

Choya is an interactive story-telling environment in which users decide how sex stories will end. You only have to read a few pages of a tale before deciding how it will continue. Just like the adventure books you used to read when you were a youngster. CHYOA has made significant progress in the last year and now offers over 11.000 stories with nearly half a million chapters.

Some of the stories are lacking in material and choices, but there are plenty of hidden treasures. You can also contribute your own chapters to stories that already exist. Unfortunately, a few jerks misuse this, but the Choya admins are constantly working to preserve the site what it is: the best adult storytelling site on the internet. Between authors, there is a significant gap in professionalism. All of them are well-written, but some of them have advanced writing talents that entice you to read more from them.

Free Sex Stories Websites - Storiesonline

The design of stories online appears retro at first glance, which may be off-putting to certain users, however, this is deceiving because the site supports themes and has three or four alternative styles. Typically, people who appreciate pornographic stories do not require a nice website. They are simply engrossed in the reading. But, if there’s a method to spruce up the way you look for things, why not?

With various ways to discover content, navigation is rather simple. Top lists, new lists, reviews, and sophisticated search capabilities are all available on the site. They also feature a ton of other tags, ranging from mainstream stories like hairy, voyeurism, and big breasts to analingus, bestiality, and menstruation play.

Free Sex Stories Websites - LUSH STORIES

At LushStories, there’s so much to do! The homepage is designed to show the most recent sexy stories with titles.

Each of them includes the date they were added, the author’s name, the category to which they belong, the total number of words tags, and any remarks. A brief summary is included with each book.

The content of the site can be changed using the tabs on the homepage. Instead of presenting the most recent news, they can be customized to only show the most popular or most viewed. Furthermore, the homepage can be customized to show only sexual poems or a mix of stories and poems.

Free Sex Stories Websites - BDSM Sex Stories

Since 2001, BDSMLibrary.com has been online. In internet time, that’s a century and a half! The site now has a large following, but the design of its homepage does not inspire confidence. Indeed, if we came across the people who designed the BDSMLibrary.com homepage, we would not hesitate to hogtie and flog them until the end of time!

All the X-rated content in the BDSM library is displayed vertically. You can use search filters such as Author, title, rating, popularity, and length to look for the right sex stories for you. The Rape Run, Mary Meets Sandy, The Bondage Contest, and First Meeting With A Sadist are just a few examples.

The BDSM Movies tabs take you straight to Bondagezilla.com, which offers all the extreme BDSM content you could possibly want as well as links to other BDSM sites.

Free Sex Stories Websites - Nifty Erotic Stories Archive

Nifty.org is a massive, free database of adult sex tales that covers a wide range of topics and genres. The site has been established for almost 20 years, it is funded by contributions, and it focuses on LGBT stories (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual), but it also features dinosaurs. “Have a Nifty Day” is the company’s motto and it has been in place since 1992. This sex story website is over a decade old. The project began as an archive of stories stored in an anonymous FTP client.

Nifty has 15,000 different Authors that have written over 300,000 sex stories. Adult buddies, authoritarian, camping, beginnings, and bondage are among the categories, as are historical, interracial, and teen. Of course, this is only a small sample of what’s available. Take a look at the list of recent donors to see how excellent Nifty content is. Compared to other archives, which haven’t seen a dime drop in years, the site is still collecting donations.

Free Sex Stories Websites - The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive By Simon bar Sinister

MCStories.com’s MC stands for mind-control, and the site contains a big and free collection of erotic and adult stories centered on this theme, as well as a variety of other fetishes and kinks. The mind-control market, it turns out, is as big as German sausages.

The majority of the 50,000 adult stories offered here contain some form of mind control, and they’re organized into 26 main categories. Science fiction, comic book superheroes, time travel, watersports, furries, enlargements of bodies and parts, humiliation, lactation, masturbation, robots, and other topics are among the categories. When a writer submits his/her work on this site, the moderator doesn’t bother to proofread it. That is why typo errors and grammatical errors are common on this site. Finally, you’ll find stories ranging from quite mild to graphic, twisted, and depraved, with lengths ranging from a few thousand words to over ten thousand.

Free Sex Stories Websites - AFF - adult-fanfiction.org

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fanfiction reader or a writer; there’ll be enough to see at Adult-FanFiction.org. There’s a lively community here, as well as tale archives, resources for writing your own adult fiction, and contests.

Adult-FanFiction.org contains a big and high-quality archive of diverse stories separated into divisions when it comes to reading. Stories featuring novels, Buffy, cartoons, celebrities, final fantasy, adult games, InuYasha, LoTR, as well as non-English and original works. Furthermore, each of these sections contains one or more categories to aid you in your search.

Free Sex Stories Websites - Juicy Sex

When it comes to erotica, most people who enjoy reading it also have a side of them that wants to create stories like this. Some readers are inspired to write their own sex stories. While others are daring enough to share them with the rest of the world. Juicy sex stories is one of the platforms where erotica aficionados may express themselves. It’s a site with a long history of stories from a variety of genres and niches. This site’s material will undoubtedly appeal to you. It’s free, simple to read, and a lot of fun.

Another aspect of this site that I enjoy is the community of writers and readers. The creators and readers of this blog are one and the same. Readers are making stories inside their heads. However, some are writing it down to share their sexy time with all the readers of the platform. This site does, however, contain several full-length books in addition to short stories.

#13. Susan’s Corner

Free Sex Stories Websites - Susan's Corner

We all know the ladies are huge erotica fans, and we also know they produce some of the best adult fiction on the internet. The action is usually focused on the tale, and it is aimed primarily at women, as they are the ones that consume this form of sexual entertainment.

This is a premium erotica collection to which you can gain access with a membership pass. When you avail of the membership you will have access to ad-free stories, and also you can download the story directly to your eBook reader. You will also have a peek at the site’s new release every week. Susan’s Corner is a well-designed sex stories website.

Free Sex Stories Websites - Novel Trovew

There’s a plethora of erotica here. NovelTrove, as the name implies, is a treasure trove of books. You don’t need an account to enjoy all of NovelTrove’s sexy novels, but if you do decide to join this community of story lovers and storytellers. You should know that creating an account is completely free. Also, as a registered user, you can not only post your own erotic stories on the novel treasure. But you can also receive feedback on your work, rate other writers’ work, and give comments on stories.

While Novel Trove appears to be a newcomer to the erotic literary scene, the content itself is excellent and presented in a clean and simple manner. The site is easy to navigate and far better constructed than many other sex story archives.


There you go! Different websites where you can find the best sex stories. The erotica stories will stir up your imagination and make you lose all the control of your body. Or if you love writing you can share your erotic experiences with others by writing sex stories and submitting them to other listed websites above that accept writers.

I believe sex stories are great to let you be creative and imaginative in any way. I hope this list of sex stories websites will help you find your creative and imaginative side, and of course, help you vent out the lustful feeling inside you.