The demand for online sexting apps has risen. Since people don’t want to go out and mingle, they do it in the comfort of their homes with the help of technology.

People search for sexting apps to ease boredom and to have some fun with a stranger. Sexting apps are applications that help you hook up with someone or help you have sex over the phone, as the name suggests sexting. Or you might find the love of your life, who knows right.

There are 2 kinds of sexting apps, the free version which is the basic version of the app, or the premium version where you need to pay a subscription on a monthly basis. Before we go to the list of free sexting apps online, let’s have a few things to consider before using a sexting app.

  1. Discretion/Privacy – You should consider the privacy features of an app before using it. Some apps may beep you if ever you’re chats or pictures are screen grabbed, and thats the maximum privacy an app can offer you. So, always remember that no one can protect your optimum privacy other than you. So be careful in giving information.
  2. Safe community of sexters – It is nice to find an app that has an option to offer you what community would you like to be in. It is nice to meet a stranger that has the same mindset or the same hobbies as you. That would be a great start to a conversation.
  3. Easy to use – It is a plus if the application is direct to the point where you don’t need to input any personal information e.g input credit card information before you can use the app. But don’t worry only a few apps are asking for information like that unless you subscribe to premium.

Now that we know the things to consider in choosing or downloading a sexting app. Let us now see the list of the free sexting apps online and find what suits your needs well.

Free Sexting Apps Online

Finding your soulmate has made easy with these free sexting apps online! Here are some applications you might consider using to find “The one”. Best of luck!

Free Sexting Apps Online-Snapchat

Snapchat has risen through the app ranks to become a mainstay in the mainstream social media landscape, putting it on par with Facebook and Instagram. But we haven’t forgotten about its early days when it was the first sexting app.

Snapchat is still a terrific sexting app, even if you add all the filters and celebrity stories you want. The app’s primary feature allows you to share photographs with other users that will instantly vanish after a few seconds.

  • Price: Free
Free Sexting Apps Online-Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is not a dating site. it’s a hook-up and sex-oriented platform. It’s not for the weak-hearted. Be prepared to see nudes, sex videos, and dirty text from the moment you sign in. AFF welcomes members of all sexual orientations and genders, and there are many active users at any given time so you’ll be able to find plenty of compatible matches.

Everything on this site screams sex, so you’ll have no trouble finding a dirty talk partner. There are always a large number of active users online, so there’s no shame in logging on and sext right “now”. However, because the site contains a lot of nudity, it may be too explicit for squeamish or first-time visitors.

  • Basic version: Free
  • One-month subscription: $39.95
Free Sexting Apps Online-Plenty of Fish

It has all the things for a fantastic sexting app. First and foremost, there are over 150 million registered users globally, with 57 million connections made every week. There are a lot of fishes in this sea, as its name suggests, and chances are some of them are looking for sext.

In 2020 this app added several new elements that significantly increased its sexting potential. Users can now video date and even live stream to a group of people. A drawback of this app apart from a lengthy registration process, some of the features of Plenty of fish are intended to encourage lengthier conversations. This is not for impatient sexters.

  • Basic membership: Free
  • Two months upgraded plan: $38.70
Free Sexting Apps Online-Xmatch

Why talk with a single match when you can join forums and group conversations with other singles in your region who are expressing their fantasies? From the group and forum choices in their “sex academy” to categories that allow you to search for matches depending on what they prefer in the bedroom, logging on to Xmatch seems like a sensual “choose your own adventure”.

If you want to take sexting to another level don’t worry you can take it to cam 2 cam. That is an advantage but the disadvantage is the basic version of Xmatch doesn’t give much of the features.

  • Basic version: Free
  • One-month subscription: $20
Free Sexting Apps Online-Confide

Confide was founded on the principle that your online discussions should be as private as those you have in person. Confide’s purpose, according to the website, is to allow users to have uncensored, off-the-record talks. It places a strong emphasis on the “no screenshot” aspect. On Confide, each message sent or received can only be read one line at a time.

  • Basic membership: Free
  • Confide Plus (premium features): $4.99/month
Free Sexting Apps Online-Signal

This software uses end-to-end encryption, which means that once you hit “send”, your message cannot be intercepted or read by anyone else until it reaches the intended recipient’s device. I’m confident that none of those texts will be read by weirdos. On this sexting software, you can video call, message, or group communicates as you wish.

  • Price: Free
Free Sexting Apps Online-Dust

Dust is a Snapchat-like software that focuses on vanishing messages and includes encryption. This app does not require you to sign up with anything other than your login and password, though you can connect your social networks to discover which of your acquaintances are also using the program.

Because you don’t have to provide self-identifying information to sign up, and nothing is ever permanently saved, Dust is theoretically completely untraceable. However, on the flip side, it prevents screenshots in selected areas of the program, but only on Android.

  • Price: Free
Free Sexting Apps Online-Tinder

Few people are unfamiliar with Tinder, the popular dating software that popularized the “swipe right for yes, swipe left for no” concept. Users create a profile to which they can link their Facebook and Instagram accounts. After entering some basic information and writing a brief bio, users can start swiping.

While tinder is supposedly a dating app, it has a reputation for being a hookup app. Unlike more serious, premium apps like Match, Tinder, on the other hand, tend to attract those who are looking for something lighthearted.

  • Basic account: Free
  • One month of Tinder Plus: $4.99
Free Sexting Apps Online-Wickr

If you merely want to speak in a private, safe digital environment, you may sometimes bypass the online dating route and go right to an app like Wickr, which is known for reliable data transmission.

The highly secure program ensures that you have complete control over the messages, files, photographs, and videos you send, whether in a group or one-on-one setting – a must when sexting with strangers.

  • Silver: $4.99/month
  • Gold: $9.99/month
  • Platinum: $25/month
Free Sexting Apps Online-Match

The match is known to be the dating giant because it is not merely a hookup site but many had reportedly it led them to relationships and marriage. Match has been here for decades that’s why it had many success stories about relationships. Well, all of the sexting apps can be a door for happily ever after.

What people like about match is it has millions of registered users and millions of matches every week. And if you’re on the mature side and surpassed the tinder era, Match is perfect for you.

  • Basic membership: Free, but extremely limited
  • Three months of Standard: $71.97
Free Sexting Apps Online-Zoosk

This is the most versatile dating app you could see. Unlike some applications that specify themselves some names. Zoosk allows its users to do everything they want to do. If they want to use Zoosk as a dating app or use Zoosk to randomly talk about anything to a stranger.

Zoosk is an easy-to-use app with easy sign-up. And what makes it shine is the photo verification, as there are fake profiles circulating this method is best to verify a person’s true identity. On the other hand, Zoosk is not free or doesn’t offer any free trial but this is great to prevent you from spending so much time on people who don’t have the intention to subscribe to Zoosk.

  • One month: $29.95
Free Sexting Apps Online-Jerkmate

Jerkmate is first and foremost a live sex cam show website. However, it would be a mistake to believe that this fantastic pornographic platform has nothing else to offer. It’s also one of the greatest sex chat services for finding professional models who are willing to get nasty with you.

Jerkmate is also known for having the best search engine. They provide tags for easy navigation of the camgirl. Also, they have the age ranges if you want your model to be young or on the MILF side. One thing that Jerkmate should improve is the tags for the camguys because it appears to be the same with the camgirls.

  • $9.99 for a private 1 on 1  session.
Free Sexting Apps Online-Chaturbate

Chaturbate is the largest sex webcam site in the world, and it comes some of the most available people to meet and sext within their chat rooms. You’ll appreciate how Chaturbate doesn’t make you sign up for their service right away. To enter one of their live cam show, you don’t even need to make an account with this free sexting service.

As a result, you can freely sext with your preferred live cam lady or boy on Chaturbate, with the added bonus of being able to see them perform a sex show while you talk dirty to them.

  • Price: Free
Free Sexting Apps Online-Omegle

Look no farther than Omegle if you’re looking for a site that’s expressly made for sexting: it’s one of the most popular random Sex chat services, and it’s primarily created to have strangers talk dirty to each other. In fact, Omegle’s video chat features appear to be a bonus, and you can turn them off for some free, anonymous sexting.

  • Price: Free
Free Sexting Apps Online-Seeking

It is often known as seeking arrangement, is an adult hookup service that caters to the sugar dating community. It’s a meeting place for sugar daddies and sugar babies. With a completely verified account, there are no trolls to waste your time and money on. And, because you’re essentially hiring a professional to sext chat with you, having a kinky chat is almost guaranteed on this site as long as you have the bucks.

However, you would be mistaken if you believe that seeking is solely for meeting and going out on real-life dates. The site allows you to rent one of their sugar babies only for the purpose of sexting them at any hours of the day and night.

  • Price: $99.99 monthly

Sum up

Craving for saucy conversation? Don’t worry these free sexting apps online are here to help you satisfy your craving. When you use these apps you are free to express yourself in a sexual way or whichever way you like. Just don’t forget to not share too much personal information with a stranger.

Choose your sexting sites or app now or try them all. Have fun talking to strangers online who want to get in on with you.


Can I be tracked while sexting?


So, always ensure that your sext chat activities are conducted utilizing your own device and home connection. The risk of being caught sexting with people online increases in places like the office or a public venue like a cafe.