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VR Porn Can Cause Cybersickness – How to Prevent

Now that we are in the stage of our lives where everything is hi-tech, you surely know about advanced technology like virtual reality. And most devices are catching up with this kind of upgrade. One of these is the VR Oculus where many people enjoy wandering inside the virtual reality using a headset. These VR devices were used for watching movies and playing arcade games that users are enjoying like they are the actual characters.

VR technology became the central topic of new technologies. And many in the business industry adopted this virtual reality concept to promote their products not only in movies and computer games but even pornography – where the porn industry created VR Porn.

VR Porn: The New Level of Pornography

Virtual Reality (VR) porn is a new technology where it transforms viewers of adult content into active participants – where all sex videos and games come to life, thanks to VR devices. Taking adult content to the next level is a big step and has a huge impact on porn fans – where they find porn more pleasurable with the VR concept.

VR Porn Can Cause Cyber-sickness Intro Image

Imagine that you are seemingly participating in the scene while watching through the VR headset bringing the whole scenario to life. It’s a remarkable experience for your self-pleasure. But many people reported that VR porn can cause a serious illness known as cyber-sickness.

What is Cybersickness

Cyber-sickness is a form of motion sickness that occurs after spending too much screen time – the time that we spend on a device with a screen like a smartphone, computer, TV, or video game console – this also includes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications.

What Is Cyber-sickness

When you feel dizzy, nauseated, or have a severe headache after a long period immersed in screen devices, especially VR goggles, then you may have experienced cybersickness.

How Does Cyber-sickness Happen

Well, an excellent example of this is the motion sickness that some people feel when they’re working or playing at the computer while sitting on a chair. There’s a set of expectations in our senses for what we should see and feel when we’re sitting down.

However, in this case, the senses’ set of expectations have been contradicted by the eyes seeing movements inside the computer screen and the vestibular system sensing that the body is at rest (sitting on a chair) causing an imbalance reaction leading to cyber-sickness.

Symptoms of Cyber-sickness

As we mentioned earlier, VR is one of the factors that can lead a person to experience a motion sickness called cyber-sickness. A person can experience a mixture of body reactions under cyber-sickness including the following symptoms;

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Aches
  • Sweating
  • Disoriented or dizziness
  • Irritable
  • Tired or groggy

If a person is prone to cyber-sickness, he/she might experience these following symptoms after using VR or watching VR Porn on VR goggles.

Is Sexual Dissatisfaction Related to Cyber-sickness During Viewing VR Porn

There are individuals that struggle to enjoy sexual stimulation or fail to achieve sexual pleasure during viewing VR porn leading to sexual dissatisfaction. Their stomachs and heads start aching, their bodies start to sweat and get dizzy, or they get tired which is similar to cyber-sickness symptoms.

Though they have the same effect, sexual dissatisfaction has a greater impact than cyber-sickness that leads to anxiety, or even worse – can lead to depression. While cyber-sickness on the other hand, the effects will only last up to 24 hours after device use.

Factors That Cause Cyber-sickness When Using VR Goggles

I am sure that many porn fans would want to learn about the factors disrupting their wonderful self-pleasuring on VR Porn. So, we listed the factors below to help you and the Porn enthusiasts to learn why such cyber-sickness occurs when using VR applications like VR Porn on headsets.

Focal Point

VR Focal Point

One of the factors that cause cyber-sickness while watching VR Porn on goggles/headsets is not having a focal point. When you don’t have a constant focus on the screen and you see a lot of motions will lead you to cyber-sickness where you feel dizzy or disoriented. So, stay focused on the particular performer that is visible or focus on her clothing or lingerie to prevent cyber-sickness.

Camera Angle

VR Camera Angle

When playing VR Porn, staying focused on one point or angle will prevent cyber-sickness. However, if the camera angle changes from one point to another where it zooms in and out or changes direction too often, a high chance of cyber-sickness will occur.

VR Headset

Types of VR Headsets

A low-quality resolution like a VR headset where you use smartphones for the monitor can lead to cyber-sickness. Unlike high-quality VR headsets like the VR Oculus 2 will give you a clearer view of the screen that lessens the chance of having a cyber-sickness.

There are 3 common types of devices for VR applications like VR Porn. The common smartphone VR headset is the cheapest but offers a low-quality of VR experience, while a sophisticated VR headset like VR Oculus Meta Quest 2 which graphically demands applications to be much more beautiful and smooth but less powerful than the 3rd VR device which is the Tethered VR that uses the graphics power of a computer that is more clear and high-resolution.

Top 5 Best VR Porn Sites

If you don’t have enough budget to buy a sophisticated VR device like VR Oculus Meta Quest 2 or a high-end tethered VR device, you can still enjoy viewing VR Porn with a smartphone VR headset. All you need is high-quality VR Porn content and here, we listed some of the best VR Porn sites that you can check.

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VRBangers is the world’s best VR porn and hottest 3D VR sex that has a unique feature which is the “Playa” app. This app is available for any headset, which is great! Playa app allows users to stream or download any VRBangers VR porn scenes in 60fps 8K resolution which is commonly used in professional video production and high-end home theater – a very high-quality resolution.

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POVR is one of the best VR Porn sites with thousands of VR porn scenes and a wide range of categories that includes transgender and female POV. It has a unique feature, “Virtual Theater” that allows users to filter for easy search and watch their desired VR porn scenes without spending too much time searching on the interface.

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One of the longest-running VR porn sites that are still active is VirtualRealPorn. It has operated for almost 6 years and covers a large catalog of VR porn scenes. Though it doesn’t have unique features like the VRBangers and POVR sites, it has a huge selection of titles with a low-cost subscription per month. So, it’s still a great deal!

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WankzVR is a mixed-category VR porn site where it supports smart sex toys including non-VR porn access and VR porn scenes in different categories. The site releases 9 to 10 new scenes per month which is a great offer for subscribers. WankzVR is considered one of the best VR porn sites today as they offer high-quality sex scenes with 7k resolution.

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Another VR porn site that you shouldn’t miss is the VirtualTaboo which offers virtual sex scenes 3 times per week. You will enjoy here volumes of taboo topics and niches with their super hot models. Plus, all movies are high-quality and well-produced.

There you have it! The 5 best VR Porn sites that you must check and download for your smartphone VR headset experience. And to enjoy more of your VR porn viewing without being disrupted by motion sickness, we will give you tips on how to prevent cyber-sickness.

How to Prevent Cyber-sickness During Viewing VR Porn

There are many ways in preventing cyber-sickness during viewing VR porn and we listed here some of the effective techniques to follow. If you’re one of those VR viewers who’s prone to cyber-sickness, then check the free at-home cyber-sickness reduction techniques below;

  • Point a Fan at Yourself While in VR – When cyber-sickness strikes, your body temperature will rise, and will start to sweat. To cool down the temperature of your body, pointing a fan at yourself while viewing VR porn will increase air circulation and will lessen the chance of cyber-sickness.
  • Chew a Piece of Ginger or Chewing Gum – Chewing a piece of ginger is a good treatment for cyber-sickness as it reduces nausea or tachygastria. Also, bubble gum but not the common chewing gum that you can buy in stores – It’s a Travelgum that is used to treat motion sickness. It lessens nausea and prevents vomiting during viewing VR porn.
  • Focus Focal Point – As we have mentioned earlier, not having a focal point can lead to motion sickness. While viewing VR porn, all you have to do is to focus on a focal point such as the model that is performing at the center, the lingerie that she wears, or her assets like the big boobs or her genitalia. Doing this will prevent you to cyber-sickness.
  • Move Your Head in Every Camera Angle – When you’re in a VR, always turn your head when you make a turn on the game or when the camera angle makes a turn while viewing VR porn. Doing this will prevent cyber-sickness as your vestibular system senses that your body, especially your head is coordinating with the camera angles and motions inside the VR.

These are some of the important techniques to follow when having a VR session or when viewing VR Porn to avoid cyber-sickness.


When viewing VR porn, VR users must be aware of the possible sickness that might occur and disrupt their happy hour. To wrap it up, we’ve learned here about motion sickness and the techniques on how to prevent cyber-sickness during viewing VR porn, the recommended VR devices for a good VR experience, and the best VR porn sites where you can download high-resolution VR porn scenes for VR devices.


Augmented reality is the overlaying of virtual information such as images, text, and animation in the real world. A perfect example of Augmented reality is Pokemon GO – where you catch the digital creatures that are overlaid in the real world and also the Snapchat filters where you can put objects onto your head and it appears on the camera.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is the opposite of augmented reality – where users are simulated in a digital environment equipped with a VR headset or head-mounted display. It is a computer-generated simulation of a digital image or environment that can be interacted with physically by a person.

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