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How To Finger Yourself To Have Ridiculously Good Orgasms

When women experience arousal, their body changes in some aspects: blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, and an increase in body temperature. Private parts become more sensitive, especially nipples and clitoris. If this happens, women tend to engage in sexual activities like masturbating and the finger is their main weapon. Fingering is common but women should know how to finger and masturbate properly to have ridiculously good orgasms.

How To Fingering Yourself

Why Fingering Yourself

When arousal strikes, a woman will start exploring her body. Touching and rubbing the sensitive parts going down to the vagina. It is very important to understand what the body wants and finding the hot spot is the main goal here. Because each woman has different hot spots that can turn them on and fingering their sensitive part like the vagina is the starting point. Fingering yourself is one of the ways to achieve orgasm in solo play.

Things to Do Before Fingering Yourself

When you are masturbating, there are things that you must consider to make your solo play safe and fun. Here are the things that you must do before fingering yourself.

  • Wash Your Hands – Our hands are always touching surfaces and things. This means that our hands carry different bacteria which are harmful to our body. So, before fingering yourself, you need to wash your hands. Dirty hands might transfer bacteria to the vagina that will, later on, cause illness.
Wash Your Hands Before Fingering Yourself
  • Maintain Good Personal Hygiene – Aside from washing your hands at all times, maintaining good personal hygiene is a must. And one of the factors to good personal hygiene is clean fingernails as it’s one of the favorite places for bacteria to stay with. Another thing is to always wash and clean your vagina to prevent infection.
Personal Hygiene Cutting Nails Before Fingering Yourself
  • Find a Safe Place – When fingering yourself, you need a private place or a safe place where no one can see you. You can’t masturbate while you are in the living room or your kitchen. Private places are necessary, for you to enjoy and focus on pleasuring yourself.
Find a Safe Place Before Fingering Yourself

Ways of Fingering Yourself

Fingering is the most essential part of female masturbation – where G-spot or P-spot stimulation happens. To achieve orgasm, you need to know the proper way of fingering. Here, we will give you proper ways when fingering yourself to have ridiculously good orgasms;

Ways to Fingering Yourself

#1. Do the Deep Breathing – It helps you to relax the pelvic muscles. Deep breathing also causes your blood flow to increase which makes your pelvic muscles more sensitive and experience arousal.

#2. Explore Erogenous Zones – When fingering yourself, make your other hand busy exploring your body or use the fingertips to explore the erogenous zones on your body. It will help your body stimulate your blood flow and will make you more aroused.

#3. Look at Yourself in the Mirror – Most people say that it makes them horny while watching themselves in the mirror while jacking off – it turns them on. It is one effective way to give more stimulation to the body while fingering.

#4. Play with Your Clit – When fingering yourself, the clitoris is the most important part as it has the most nerve endings. Clitoris is a nerve-dense body part that is responsible for multiple orgasms that a woman could achieve in a sex or solo play. To stimulate the clitoris, move your finger up and down or left and right. You can also circulate your fingertip, and find the best finger stroke that will make you cum.

#5. Enter Your Finger – After stimulating your clitoris with your fingertip, you can slide your finger inside your vagina. You can enter either one or two fingers and bend your finger towards the vagina wall to stimulate the G-spot.

#6. Find and Stimulate the G-spot – Now if you don’t know where the G-spot is, then extend your fingers and gently touch the vagina wall with your fingertips. G-spot is located on the front wall. When you touch a rough patch then that’s the spot, stimulate the G-spot with your fingertip by rubbing and pressing the spot like a button or running your fingertips on the G-spot back and forth. By doing this you will achieve orgasm.
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#7. Find the Right Tempo – When you’re stimulating your G-spot it doesn’t mean you will achieve orgasm in an instant. Find the right tempo for fingering yourself, try out different speeds, positions, and how rough or smooth you will do the stimulation. It depends on how your body would react to your fingering process.

#8. Don’t Change the Position – After you find the right tempo and the right position, you better don’t change the position – it will delay you from achieving orgasm. If you get the spot, continue the stimulation until you reach the peak.

#9. Don’t Stop Immediately After You Cum – When you reach the climax don’t stop right away, rest your finger inside for a bit – it feels much better. Pulling your finger right away after the orgasm will make you feel uncomfortable and will cause pain inside of your vagina.

#10. Reflect on Your Masturbation – After orgasm, try to reflect on your post-masturbation and think all the process, what you felt – about the sensation when fingering yourself. Enjoying the moment will make you feel much better.


Fingering is the main component of women’s masturbation and here, we learned that there are things that women should do before fingering. We also learned the proper way of fingering to have a good orgasm. By following these tips, women can enjoy their masturbation more.

Frequently Ask Questions

Cuts can happen during fingering yourself. Too much force and pressure can cause tears.

Fingering is one way to pleasure a woman when she feels horny. It is considered safe sex, however, there is a small risk of fingering the vagina that will cause infections – when fingers are dirty and carry bacteria. So, it is recommended to always wash your hands.

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