Can you make a woman cum? That is the main goal of every man when they are having sex with a woman – to make her feel like heaven that makes her body shiver to orgasms. But most men are having sex just to fulfill their self-satisfaction and are not able to make a woman cum. It is the factor that most men are missing during sexual intercourse.

How To Make A Woman Cum

Bear in mind that a woman needs sexual satisfaction too. She is also craving pleasure. Consider a woman’s feelings during sex and you must fill her with happiness. One way to achieve that is to make her cum in bed and that’s the important thing that you must take seriously being a man.

Who Cums First

According to a study in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine”, men took a shorter time to cum than women. One of the reasons that study shows why women took a long way to cum during sex is that penetrating the vagina with a dick is not enough to achieve an immediate orgasm. Men should need to work out with the most sensitive part of the vagina which is the clitoris, to reach its peak.

So, if you are having this problem with your partner, then you need to pay attention. Here, we will give you tips to initiate sex and how to make a woman cum.

What to Do to Make Her Cum

A man should always dominate in bed and don’t let a woman hold her orgasms for too long. It would be too boring. Make her sweat and wet in bed, and squirts many times. Make the whole night a memorable moment for her. As a man, you should do your part in bed – give her the climax of sexual excitement that she could never forget.

Ask What She Likes When Having Sex – Asking her likes in bed when having sex is not a bad move for a man. It would give you ideas on how to initiate sex with a woman, knowing the things that could turn her on and arouse her sexual pleasure, and avoiding things that could make her night a bad experience.

Make Her Cum - Ask What She Likes When Having Sex

Foreplay – Before doing sexual intercourse with your partner, make an outercourse sexual activities that will make a woman horny and crave sex. There are many types of foreplay that you can apply when having sex;

  • Making a Good Kiss – Kiss passionately arouses a woman during sex. Sucking her tongue or gently biting her lips will make a woman aroused and wet. Later on your sexual intercourse, she will achieve orgasms.
Make Her Cum - Foreplay - Make a Good Kiss
  • Suck, Kiss, and Lick Her Neck – Sucking, kissing, or licking a woman’s neck tickles her and will lead to immediate orgasms. One of the most sensitive parts of a woman is the neck. So, if you touch that part, it would make them shiver with excitement.
Make Her Cum - Suck, Kiss, and Lick Her Neck
  • Squeeze Her Boobs and Lick them – Playing with her boobs will make her horny and licking her nipples would make her wild and wet before sex. This foreplay is one of the women’s favorites in bed. It stimulates sexual excitement and will make her horny.
Make Her Cum - Squeeze Her Boobs and Lick them
  • Squeeze Her Butt – One way that would arouse a woman during sex is when you squeeze her butt and spank it like a child. It will turn her mood ready in bed and enjoy the whole night wet.
Make Her Cum - Squeeze Her Butt

Initiating foreplay before sexual intercourse plays a big role to achieve women’s orgasms, it turns them on before penetrating their vagina with your dick. Foreplay is one successful way to make her cum.

Use a Sex Toy – If you reach the peak first then make a way that she also meets her orgasms – use a sex toy. Having a tool during sex will make your goal successful – to make her cum. It’s not bad to use a sex toy during sexual intercourse. Yet, most women like sex toys because it’s one of the tools that can make them horny and wet before or after penetration.

Make Her Cum - Use Sex Toy

Lube or Sex Lubricant – Making a woman wet during sex is very important before penetrating her vagina. Adding up lubrication would make her more comfortable grinding with your dick and will make her cum many times.

Make Her Cum Sex Lubricant

Take Control and Don’t Race Towards Her Orgasm – It is very important when having sex to take control of the situation, you need to maintain the climax up to the end. Before reaching your orgasm, you should make her cum first no matter what. 

Take Control and Don’t Race Towards Her Orgasm

To do this, you can apply foreplay or a sex toy and stop the penetration whenever you feel that you are close to orgasm. Initiating these three factors alternately; foreplay, sex toy, and penetration will do the trick and will make her cum first.

Lick or Play Finger With Her Clitoris – The main goal when having sex is to make her cum and fill her sexual satisfaction with your performance. So, penetrating alone with your dick is not enough. In this case, you need to work with her clitoris through licking or sucking and playing finger with it. 

Make Her Cum - Play Her Clitoris

Final Thoughts

Making a woman cum is the mission of each man during sex. It is very important to make your partner happy in bed to make a healthy relationship. There are chances that a woman cheats with her partner when they are not happy with their sex life. They would find someone that would fill their needs. To build a healthy relationship you should make your partner happy both in bed and in life.


What is better? Morning sex or night sex?

We all have different likes when it comes to sex, some might love morning sex, and some love night sex. But if we based it on the levels of testosterone and estrogen – hormones that drive our sexual desire, morning sex is better because our body hormones are higher and it would be better to take that opportunity to have sex in the morning.

Why do women squirt after orgasm?

After a woman cums or achieves orgasm, the muscles of the vagina become relaxed and lose the strength to hold their urine.  So they squirt after orgasm.