Every day, most men unintentionally catch their partner in another guy’s bed. Why did it happen? Simple, it’s because they can’t give her what she needs in bed, so she desperately craves and finds someone else who can. So if you’re worried you might be one of those guys – who’s failing to keep their partner satisfied. Well, don’t panic. You don’t have to sit back and watch as your relationship would come to an end.

You need to explore things that will work out. Learn some sex skills to fill her up and stretch her in the way she desires. After that, she will submit it to you completely while dragging you to her bed as soon as you walk through her door and beg you for sex. You’ll be the best she’s ever had. She will always seek the thrill that you (and only you) can give her – to make her squirt!

When you can make her squirt on demand, you become a God in her eyes. You can do things other guys simply cannot do. Because when she spurts that fountain of joy juice, you instantly become a sex icon in her eyes. You become the only man she wants in her bed. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter how big your dick is or how fat, broke, or out of shape, you are. For as long as you can make her squirt, you call the shots.

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Things You Must Know About Orgasm

If you make a girl squirt, then it will be the best sensation that she’ll ever experience in her whole sex life. If you know what I mean. The best way to understand how it feels like to have a squirting orgasm is when a man cums and shivers his whole body with sensation. That would be the exact explanation. Men have only one orgasm but women have 5 types of orgasm that they could achieve when having sex and these are the following;

  • Clitoral Orgasm – This type of orgasm is very common for women and it happens during direct stimulation of the clitoris through masturbation or giving them oral sex. Clitoris has many nerve endings which make it very sensitive to touch.
  • G-Spot Orgasm – Also called vaginal orgasm, comes from the inside. Where during the penetration, you simultaneously hit the G-spot causing it to swell. When you feel that moment, pound her more to achieve orgasm.
  • Simultaneous Orgasm – In this orgasm, a woman will feel a different sensation compared to where she will experience both Clitoral and G-spot orgasm at the same time. It will make her whole body shiver and enjoy the overwhelming sensation.
  • Multiple Orgasm – This is where a woman will experience either Clitoral or G-spot orgasms multiple times. You must have good stamina to keep up working on making her cum or you must have a good tongue technique to achieve this stage of orgasm.
  • Squirting Orgasm – This is the best sensation that a woman could never forget in her entire sex life. She will beg you to do this every time you’re having sex. After striking the G-spot many times during penetration and causing it to swell, it would make her feel like peeing. Then oh my god! A juice of joy spurts. You made a girl squirt!

What is Squirt Exactly

Well honestly speaking, most people have no idea about the fluid on a woman’s cunt spurts during sex. Many misunderstood this unique phenomenon of a woman and thought that it was urine. Well, sorry to say but it’s not what most people think.

Study shows that this fluid is produced during G-spot stimulation and it’s made up of a substance called urea. Same as urine, this fluid is excreted from the urethra. A girl can achieve squirting when you simultaneously rub her G-spot which is a part of the urethral sponge 2 inches inside the vagina next to the vaginal wall. Whenever a girl feels like she’s going to pee, then it’s about time that she reaches her peak to release the fluid and her body will uncontrollably shiver with sensation.

Make Her Squirt - G Spot

The Skene’s Gland

Not all women release large amounts of prostatic fluid when they squirt. Some squirt small amounts of fluid like they won’t notice it during sex, they will only feel a weird sensation after that. As we discussed earlier, this fluid is produced during G-spot stimulation.

Make Her Squirt - Skene Gland

Tips On How To Make Her Squirt

Making her squirt is just a bonus stage. But if you want her to be more satisfied every time you are doing sex, then take it to the next level and make her release all her fluids that will soak your bed sheet.

Bear in mind that you must maintain the momentum while she is having a good time grinding with your performance. Don’t stop working on her G-spot until she squirts. To achieve this stage you must do the following;

Tips On How To Make Her Squirt

#1. Foreplay

This sexual outercourse is very important to do such as; talking dirty yet sweet, kissing her lips passionately, kissing or licking her neck, squeezing her boobs while sucking or licking her nipples, or squeezing her butt before doing sexual intercourse. It is one effective way to stimulate a girl’s sexual pleasure. Initiating foreplay will make her aroused and will make her wet. In this case, it will be easy for you to make her squirt afterward.

Emotional Factors – One way to make it done is to have good communication. Talking to a girl before having sex will enhance your performance. In a way, you talk to her about dirty things sweetly like how you would make her shiver in bed. It’s one factor that will influence her sexual urges and will stimulate her pleasure.

Kissing Her Lips – kissing is one way to stimulate her sexual urges and make her hornier. The more passionate you kiss her the more she arouses before sex and sometimes, it will make her panty wet already before you strip it.

Here, I will give you 5 effective ways how to kiss a girl before having sex.

  • French Kiss – This is the most passionate way of kissing. It will surely set an intimate and erotic mood of romance for a girl. By slowly extending your tongue to reach out her tongue and locking her lips with yours. Just do it slowly and it will make her wet before sex.
Make Her Squirt - French Kiss
  • American Kiss – Same as the French kiss but without using the tongue. Kissing her hard while holding her close to your body with a little bend supporting her back with your hand. Such a romantic position that will make both of you crave more.
Make Her Squirt - American Kiss
  • Single-Lip Kiss – This is one way of expressing your love for your partner. By simply kissing her and gently romantically sucking one of her lips. Don’t put too much force while sucking like you are biting it. It’s a No, just go with the flow while gently sucking it. It would bring good romance before having sex.
Make Her Squirt - Single-Lip Kiss
  • Nibble Kiss – It’s the same method as a Single-Lip kiss but this time, you focus on her lower lips. Biting it gently will make your sexual activity more thrilling.
Make Her Squirt - Nibble Kiss
  • Lizzy Kiss – This way of kissing is more intense because both of you will do it by sticking your tongues without touching lips. It will create a high level of intimacy. It would be a very lustful move to send your girl to bed.
Make Her Squirt - Lizzy Kiss

Kissing/Licking Her Neck – Kissing or licking a girl’s neck would make her aroused before sex. Neck has a lot of nerve endings that will make a girl bend her body while heating the whole part of your romance. It will stimulate her sexual urges that would make her wet before your sex.

Squeezing Her Boobs (Lick or Suck her Nipples) – This action will make her move and aroused before sex. Squeezing her boobs while you’re playing with her nipples with your tongue whether you suck or lick it, or you can do it both at the same time will make her body shiver, feeling the sensation of your tongue. It’s an intense method yet very effective to make her horny.

Lick, Suck, or Rub the Clitoris – it is one successful way to make a girl squirt many times. So, your first mission during sex is to make her cum. To achieve that goal, you must focus on her clitoris. Lick or suck it, and massage it with your finger until she orgasms then after that, continue the process until she feels like peeing. When that happens, she will squirt for sure.

Make Her Squirt - Lick, Suck, or Rub the Clitoris

#2. Stimulate G-spot Through Finger To Make A Girl Squirt

In this method, you will make a girl squirt by using your finger to penetrate her vagina and stimulate her G-spot. The first thing to do is to insert your index finger sliding against the top of the vaginal wall. Rub it gently for a few minutes. Once she is getting used to it and she’s enjoying it, slowly pull off your index finger then insert both your index and ring fingers as shown in the image below.

Make Her Squirt - Finger Penatration

Continue brushing her G-spot with both fingers. It will stimulate the G-spot and Skene gland at the same time. To make it more pleasurable, add lube or your saliva. To add more spice to your finger fuck session, try to extend your finger deeper and curl it back to run your fingertips across the vaginal wall where her G-spot is located. Now, try some of the techniques on how to use your fingertips to stimulate her G-spot.

Push The Button – Like pressing a button, you will gently press her G-spot up and down to stimulate it. Do it repeatedly depending on the pressure you apply when pressing the G-spot, whether your partner likes a gentle press or an intense one.

Make Her Squirt - Push The Button

Rubbing G-Spot – Rub her G-spot with your fingertip in a circular path with the intense pressure that might make her squirt. Do this and observe if she likes a gentle motion or a hard one. Try this phase if she likes it.

Make Her Squirt - Rubbing G-Spot

Come Hither Motion – Applying the Hither motion or beckoning with both your index and ring fingers will generate a lot of stimulation. Making the fingertips run on the back of the G-spot where skene’s gland is located. Doing it by applying an amount of pressure depending on what your partners like. If she likes gentle or more pressure to make her squirt.

Make Her Squirt - Come Hither Motion

Cons On Doing The Methods

In the three methods that we mentioned above, some lapses may occur while performing them. First thing, you might get tired of changing phases from slow to fast motion while initiating the methods before your girl reaches her peak and squirt. The second thing is, that the methods are not enough to provide stimulation for your partner.

Alternative Way: Make Her Squirt This Time

Well, we could make it done by the arm shaker method, this will be your last resort to make her squirt by your finger.

The Arm Shaker

This method is quite similar to the first three methods that we discussed. However, with this arm shaker, instead of stimulating your girl’s G-spot with both hands and fingers, you will be using extra pressure with your whole arm to shake. While both of your index and ring fingers must stay firm in place to press her G-spot. Keep your arm stiff while raising and lowering it at full tilt with a large amount of pressure. By doing this, you can make a girl squirt!

Make Her Squirt - The Arm Shaker
Make Her Squirt - Put Extra Pressure on the Arm Shaker

Combination Technique: Clit & G-spot

If still, the applied method above is not enough to make her squirt, then do the combination technique – stimulate her clitoris and G-spot at the same time. You will be using both your right and left hands.

You will do the same phase – stimulating her G-spot plus, your spare hand will stimulate the clitoris inside and out. To do this method correctly, you must learn what are the good positions to finger your partner using both of your hands.

3 Good Positions To Do The Combination Technique

If you don’t have any idea what the good positions are, well, don’t panic! I will give you the guaranteed positions by using this technique.

  1. Standing on her back is the easiest position to initiate this method. Plus! you can kiss her neck while doing this combination method. It will be an extra pleasure for her.
  1. Kneeling behind her back while she’s in all fours position is also good to start the combination method. With this position, you can make an extra pleasure too by kissing her back.
  1. You do the supine position while your girl is doing the same thing on your top. Allowing you to easily reach and do the stimulation on both her G-spot and her clitoris. The hard part of this position is that all the weight is on your chest and stomach making it hard to breathe.

These are the 3 good positions that you might want to try while doing the combination technique in making your girl squirt.

#3. Use Sex Toy To Make A Girl Squirt

After making your girl squirt, you can use a sex toy to help you the next time you do sex. It will help you to do the task easier and will make your sexual activities more exciting. By playing with her clitoris with a vibrator or a dildo, or plugging a silicone anal bead on her ass, you can make her cum and make her squirt many times. Here we give you some of the best toys to make her squirt.

Use Sex Toy To Make A Girl Squirt
  • Pressing her clitoris with a vibrator.
  • Pounding her vagina while sliding on her clitoris with a dildo will make her shiver for pleasure.
  • Or plugging a silicone anal bead on her ass stimulates her sexual pleasure and will make her wet and squirt.

#4. Sex Positions For Squirting

Since you already know the things on how to make her squirt, then why not try making her squirt during your sex? That makes sense, right? Make all her prostatic fluids pour down into your bed sheet while you are penetrating her crack with your cock. It would be the best weird sensation that both of you will enjoy – pounding her while she excretes all her love juices.

Make Her Squirt - Spoon Position

Proper Penis Angle To Stimulate The G-Spot

To make it possible, all you have to do now is to know what are the best sex positions to reach her G-spot during penetration that will make her body shiver. I will give you two examples of angles during penetration that will stimulate her G-spot during sex as shown below.

Flat/Plain Position of Your Penis – You will penetrate the vagina with your penis in a straight position. Directly pointing on the G-spot. It’s an easy position to stimulate her G-spot and to make her squirt during sex.

Make Her Squirt - Flat/Plain Position of Your Penis

Inclined Position of Your Penis – This is an exaggerated position where you can see a difficult angle of the penis while penetrating the vagina. However, with this awkward angle, it will give an intense stimulation while the head of the penis slides over the G-spot in every thrust.

Make Her Squirt - Inclined Position of Your Penis

We put these two examples of proper angles of the penis while penetrating the vagina as a reference to discover what are the best sex positions to apply to make a girl squirt. And here are some of the good sex positions to apply for.

G-Spot Position

The girl is lying on her back on the floor or bed with her legs in the air, pointing at the ceiling. While the man is kneeling towards her, supporting her butt with his hands while the girl’s feet are resting on the man’s shoulder. Now, the girl’s exact position will be in an inclined position, pointing her feet towards the ceiling. This sex position will make extreme stimulation on the G-spot.

Make Her Squirt - G-Spot Position

LaunchPad Position

In this sex position, the girl takes control of the distance of the penetration. It is very important to know that penetration only needs 1-3 inches to reach the G-spot. And with this position where a girl is lying on her back on the bed bending her knees and resting her feet on the man’s chest, the penetration can reach the cervix without difficulties. So, with this position, she can simply stop the deep penetration by pushing back the man with her feet.

Make Her Squirt - LaunchPad Position

Pearly Gates Position

It’s the same position that we discussed earlier on the combination technique where a man is in a supine position while the girl is on top of him doing the same thing. With this position, the head of your penis is pushing towards the good G-spot. She can enjoy the stimulation process while you are caressing her body and kissing her neck.

Make Her Squirt - Pearly Gates Position

Bouncing Spoon Position

It’s pretty similar to the pearly gates, however, a man is in a sitting position while she is in charge of how the penetration goes. Whether she will grind with your penis or she will stroke it in and out. It would be a direct hit on her G-spot which will create an ultimate stimulation.

Make Her Squirt - Bouncing Spoon Position

Crab Sex Position

During the penetration, the girl is sitting on top of the man while facing towards him leaning backward creating a straight penis angle hitting directly the G-spot. It will make the stimulation very easy where both partners can do the strokes.

Make Her Squirt - Crab Sex Position

Spooning Sex Position

This is a position where your dick is pointing right on the G-spot, pounding her in a sideways position.  With this position, your partner can lean forward to help you reach the G-spot while she can rub on her clitoris with her finger to help reach the peak of satisfaction during your penetration.

Make Her Squirt Spooning Sex Position

Jockey Position

In this position, a man is riding on the girl’s back, while the girl is lying on her stomach. To make this position more effective in stimulating the G-spot, instead of a push-pull stroke, grind the penis inside to maintain a deep penetration.

Make Her Squirt Jockey Position

Doggy Style

In doggy style, both of you are pounding the spot. While you are in a standing position and your partner is kneeling on the bed or the floor like a dog. With this position, you can reach the G-spot behind the vagina wall which will make her moan for making her squirt.

Make Her Squirt Doggy Style

Troubleshooting: Why Squirting Is Difficult

After reading all the tips on how to make a girl squirt, the situation is easy, right? However, you will find difficulties during your actual sex and attempts to make her squirt. What would be the problem? Let me discuss with you the things that you should know before doing it.

Make Her Squirt - Cowgirl Position

Incorrect Technique

Doing the methods without giving her the right pressure and right timing during stimulation will make things out off the track – making her squirt would be impossible. To make it work, communicate with her, while doing the stimulation you must learn to communicate with your partner through eye contact or face reaction, or the best thing to do is to talk to her before doing it. Ask her what method she likes when doing the stimulation.


So if you do sex with your partner and fail to achieve making her squirt will make you wonder why the stimulation process failed. It has factors why most women can’t achieve squirting.

Fail To Remove Sex Brakes or Accelerate Her Sex Drive

This always happens when a girl is stressed, not in the mood, or having a personal problem. These would cause trouble in making her squirt during your sex. She can’t feel your stimulation because her mind is elsewhere, no connection at all which is no point in making her squirt if she’s not aroused during your sex. Like having sex on a sex doll, no life at all – what a cold night.

Make Her Squirt - Lick Here Clitoris

Another issue here is lacking in increasing the accelerator of her sex drive. Let’s say, yeah you did great on stimulating her, she was moved and became horny but then again, don’t stop there! Pursue more, make her turn on that will make her eager for pleasure as your stimulation goes further and deeper.

She Got Injured or Has a Condition in Squirting

If a girl got injured inside her urethra or she got some nerve damage during medication will cause difficulties in making a girl squirt during sex. No matter how persistent you are in stimulating her G-spot, she can’t receive the pleasure because of her condition.

Sometimes, there are instances that the combination of the factors mentioned above is the cause of the misoperation in making a girl squirt. So, the most advisable thing to do is to communicate with each other to make it work out.

Potential Risks After Squirt

Releasing fluids during sex gives a weird sensation to a girl’s body. According to the studies, female ejaculation is produced by the skene gland located near the urinary bladder. So, the mixing of the two fluids (urine and prostatic fluids) is possible during ejaculation. That is why many experts advise that after sex, girls must pee to avoid urinary tract infections or UTIs.

If A Girl Can’t Squirt, Is It A Man’s Fault?

Well, a man takes the big role in making a girl squirt by initiating the methods of G-spot stimulations. However, there are instances when girls are making the reasons why they can’t squirt. And here are some of the reasons;

  • She feels like peeing and stops the simulation process. She’s afraid of peeing during sex.
  • She feels embarrassed thinking that she might pour too many fluids soaking the bedsheet.

To avoid these circumstances, make her pee first before sex and tell her that the fluid is not urine and it’s okay to release it anytime she wants during your sex.

The Bottom Line

Here, you learned that orgasm is just a stage where a girl reaches the climax of her sexual excitement during sex. And you only knew before that making a girl cum serves her happiness in bed. But beyond a girl’s orgasm is the true sexual sensation that you missed. It was the best sensation that a girl must experience during sex – to make her squirt. And in this article, you learned the tips on how to make a girl squirt.


Do men squirt?

Well according to studies, the same process with the women, men squirts after orgasm. It releases fluid on their dick head like peeing.

Why do women moan during sex?

There is no exact scientific explanation for why women moan. But in most surveys, the reason why women moan during sex is that they want to boost their partner’s self-esteem and speed up the climax.