How To Please Your Wife During Sex

Pleasing your wife during sex starts with intimacy. And intimacy can also exist outside of romantic relationships, but it is always associated with dating and marriage. The word intimate in most relationship languages alludes to a person’s deepest qualities.

Before intimate sex is foreplay. But foreplay does not only start inside the room it can start from your phone or anywhere in your house. Women need the longest foreplay than men because men easily get a boner, but women need a little time to feel horny. You can start the foreplay by texting sexy messages to your wife like “Can’t wait to smell your neck later” and stuff like that.

One thing that’s making a woman not satisfied in bed is because there’s a lot of thoughts going on in her head. Like the chores or the food for tomorrow or others. You can give her peace of mind by giving a helping hand or saying you’ll make the breakfast tomorrow. That way your woman can focus on what you’re doing and you will have a chance to please your wife.

Pleasing your wife during sex is not hard but it needs a little work. Below are some ways that you could use one or two, to satisfy your wife.

How To Please Your Wife During Sex

Tips On How To Please Your Wife During Sex

Each person has different sexual preferences. Maybe what may turn someone on can do the opposite effect on someone else. Even though everyone has different likes in bed here are some of the things to keep in mind to please your wife in bed.

Communicate – Ask your wife/partner if they are in the mood to do the action. Sometimes you may be in bad timing so don’t push through.

Always ask also what your partner likes. It’s nice to know what she likes in bed and what she doesn’t like. That will improve your sex experience.

Cuddle – It’s normal to not feel in the mood sometimes so you both could use some cuddle. Maybe after some time of cuddle, you will both heat up and proceed to a quickie.

Also, you could use some sexy massages as another way of cuddling. This can also help your wife relax from a whole day of work.

Take A Good Bathe – Smelling good is a plus especially if your partner has that kind of fetish. Though smelling good can lead to a steamy intimate moment with your partner.

After taking a good bath wear something good like a sexy boxer or low rise briefs that would be hot! And a piece of advice vanilla is a perfect scent to trigger fetishes.

Extend Foreplay – Men are naturally always ready to have sex but women on the other hand need a little bit of work. Foreplay also assures you that your partner will be satisfied.

As I said foreplay doesn’t only start inside the bedroom it can start any part of the house and on your phone.

Give Oral Sex – Foreplay is enough but oral sex is much more enjoyable for both men and women. As men are always given oral sex and women receive some sometimes. So oral sex is the way to please your woman.

Focus On The Clitoris – Have fun licking her clitoris to help her get to orgasm because penetration alone is not enough. That’s one way to satisfy your girl.

Give Compliments – This will give your partner sexual confidence and a perfect body image. Just utter simple words like “You’re so hot babe” or “You make me want you more babe” and many more nice words to utter.

If your wife is not that kind of girl, you can utter practical compliments like “Thank you for taking good care of the house” or “Thank you for the food every day”. That words could surely flatter a wife.

Use The Right Products – Make sure to master the products that will help you both have fun during sex. e.g. Toys, lubricants, condoms, etc. A vibrator would be the best friend of a woman for satisfaction.

Please Your Wife During Sex With Vibrator

This is an example of a vibrator that will surely make your partner crazy.

This is the best-selling vibrator in the market because of its sleek design. At one glance you will not know that it is a vibrator it looks like a microphone.

This personal massager is quiet and waterproof. This has 20 vibration patterns and 8-speed options. This vibrator only costs $29 – $35 on Amazon, the price varies by color.

This is rechargeable and waterproof. The battery life can last up to 2hrs. This is perfect for some wet action. This is easy to clean with the help of some soap and clean water.

Level Up The Temperature – You could use some ice to trigger your partner’s body temperature. If you are familiar with the movie fifty shades of grey. He used ice and ice cream while playing with the girl’s body. You could get some ideas there also.

Be Gentle In Bed – Don’t get overwhelmed. Passionate sex is different from abusive sex. You can have all the fun in bed without being abusive.

You can do all your sex fantasies but not the extreme ones. Always remember to be gentle.

Have Different Sex Positions – This can elevate your sex experience. Don’t always do missionary try on the side of the famous doggie style.

You can do some research about positions to give your wife another experience. It’s nice to try new positions once in a while.

Book A Place – This is perfect to have private time together and renew your sex life. Especially if you have kids.

This technique also helps those couples who felt distant from each other because they are both busy. This is the perfect time to renew intimacy.

These are just some of the things to try and apply in your sex life to spice things up. Make sure you both are enjoying it. Have sex with someone you love with a piece of relaxing music and follow some of the tips above. Get ready to spend the best night of your life! And of course, don’t forget to please your wife during sex.


Anything you do with your partner make sure to make it hot and exciting. Always think about your connection with each other. Always keep the fire burning in your relationship and always remember to please your partner during sex. These techniques might or might not help who knows. So try it now!