Tinder is the most appealing dating app for teenagers, single, or even married men and women because they could use the app to search for dates, hookups, and even serious relationships online. 

People learned to use dating apps to feed up their sexual pleasure caused by loneliness and boredom. They can’t hold back their sexual urges, especially singles who are longing for sexual satisfaction and looking for companionship. That is why dating apps like Tinder are being used as Tinder sex apps or hookup tools for most users nowadays.

Tinder Hook Up

Sex Date: The Other Side Of Tinder

Even though scammers exist on dating apps, most people choose to gamble in their hopes of finding a partner for a sex date, especially on Tinder. Their sexual drive pushes them to do everything to achieve that. Well, Tinder’s true aim is to help expedite communications between people who never crossed paths. It creates mutual understanding depending on how a person approaches a match-up on Tinder.

If you are looking for hookups then go straight to the point. Some on Tinder made successful sex dates because they played it well. They show their true intentions and never pretended to be a nice decent person. They take action and say naughty things most women like. Create an intimate communication to have your Tinder sex date after both of your thoughts become mutual.

How To Use Tinder To Hook Up

Many Tinder users who are looking for hookups have failed because of a lack of strategy when it comes to approaching a woman on chats. Here, we provide you with some tips on how to hook up on Tinder.

Phase 1. Make A Good Tinder Profile

Make Your Profile Interesting (Set Your Character) – How to make a good Tinder profile? Adding details makes your profile stand out against so many Tinder profiles out there. Put interesting parts. Share photos of you riding on a luxury private plane, sitting on a 5-star hotel sofa, or drinking expensive wines. What I am trying to point out here is that making each of your photos fancy like most women will get attracted and want to date you as soon as you get matched up. 

Have you watched the Netflix Latest Movie “The Tinder Swindler”? You can see there that the main actor “Simon Leviev” did a very good example of his Tinder dating profile. Where he features his fancy photos showing how wealthy he is. Plus, he is a good-looking guy with a strong sex appeal which most women get attracted to. So, what I am trying to say here is that you need to create your profile that will catch the women’s attention – set your character like what Simon Leviev did.

After you made a Tinder hook-up account, check your bio and profile photo if it has the potential to attract women. If not, well, don’t worry. We provide the best Tinder profile template examples as your reference for creating your own. High chances of your hookups on Tinder will depend on how you make your profile. Uploading good-quality photos and making your bio will make your profile more attractive. Here, we will give you tips on how to make it done.

  1. Don’t Put Group Pictures – If a woman saw your Tinder profile picture in a group of friends, believe me, she will swipe you on the left. It will make her confused and might think of you as a lack of confidence. That would be the first impression of most women when they saw your profile.
  2. Make Your Bio Brief Yet Unique – In terms of making your profile more attractive, fill up your bio and you don’t need to put all about yourself like an autobiography. Make it simple and short yet unique. Making your bio interesting will attract most women to swipe you to the right.
  3. Express Your Real Intentions – High chances of getting a sex date on Tinder will depend on your profile. And one of the factors that got the attention of most women who were also searching for a date – was the profile bio. So, for you to get the chance of having a date or if you’re lucky enough – to have sex after meeting up will depend on what you put on your profile. To make things clear, state your real intentions on your bio that you’re on the Tinder app for hooking up. It will make most women curious about you and by any chance, they will swipe you on the right.
  4. Put Adjectives On Your Words – So, while making your bio, like what I said earlier, make it brief yet unique. One way to make it done is by refining Adjectives on your words. What I am trying to say is that instead of saying it in a long sentence, make it an Adjective that directly explains what you are pointing out. Let’s cite an example; I will write “Athletic” in my bio describing myself instead of saying “I workout, body-building, I am strong and muscular. You see the difference, right? So, it would be easy for your audience to read your bio and it makes your profile simple yet attractive.
  5. Do The Shoot With A Light – According to Eddie Hernandez, an online dating photographer and dating profile expert states that; “A lack of light can create a dark circle on the eyes”. This means, that putting enough light while you are taking pictures or selfies will make your face more pronounced. It will create good-quality photos. So, you should put clear and attractive photos on your profile to get a high chance of finding your sex date.
  6. Avoid Cropped Photos – Putting a cropped photo on your profile is not a good idea. When someone sees your cropped photo with a hand resting on your shoulder it is so destructive. Plus, cropped photos will be pixelated. So, this will make your photo blur. Not good for a profile.
  7. Put A Smile On Your Photos – A smile is a big factor in making your profile stand out among other Tinder users. It attracts women who found your photo appealing and interesting to watch. So, I suggest that you make your best smile while taking photos to make it more attractive.

Tinder Profile Template Example

To start with your profile, here, we provide you with some examples of Tinder profile templates as a reference to your bio.

Adding Details To Your Profile

If you want your profile to stand out against many other Tinder accounts out there, add details to your profile. To get the women’s attention, add details – put what you like, your hobbies, and some of your experiences. Your profile will be more interesting.

Tinder Profile Example 1

Make The Readers Involved

Make styles on your bio like you are having a convo with the readers. You are talking not only for yourself but you are connecting them to your profile. This would be an effective way to make your profile stand out.

Tinder Profile Example 2

Make It A Little Bit Dirty

You know most women on Tinder have been for a while, so they saw the common things on most men’s bio like their hobbies, stories, and likes. So, make your profile unique, you can do things a bit naughty. Telling what you like in the shower, or when you are lying on your bed naked. It will make them curious about you and will make you their match-up.

Tinder Profile Example 3

Make A Sweet Brief Talk

Another way to make your profile more striking is to make your bio brief yet sweet. Enough to make women love your sweet talks.

Tinder Profile Example 4

Make It A Little Bit Funny

Tinder is a fun dating platform. So, for you to make things more interesting, make fun of yourself and have a good time. Make your profile more attractive by putting funny quotes or putting funny photos of you.

Tinder Profile Example 5

Be Yourself

Are you a funny guy? Or a serious person who’s seeking love. Well, being yourself is a good thing you must keep. Maybe, the person you’re looking for loves it, and possibly you can hang out with her for some time.

Tinder Profile Example 6

These examples of Tinder profile templates for men will help you to find out what works for you. Sharing things and putting the things that you like will build up interest for others to swipe right on your profile.

Phase 2. Make Your Approach Not Boring

When someone matches your profile, now is the chance. Approach her with a good opening and make conversation that fits her personality. Take a lead and make it interesting for her. It’s very important to consider how you approach to avoid rejection. Here, we will give you tips on how to make your approach not boring that will make a sensational connection.

  1. Don’t Stop on a Simple Word Like “Heyy” – It is common to say “Heyy” when you are inviting somebody to start a conversation with you. It would be a common and simple word to say, also easy to forget. So, if you try to approach her, make it a memorable one. Add some lines or make your opening interesting for her.
  2. Be Direct and Straightforward – To start your convo without ruining her mood, make it straightforward. Being honest and straight to the point creates a beautiful and smooth conversation. Telling her frankly about her profile or photos showing her your interest will make your conversation more fascinating.
  3. Acting Like You Forgot Her Name – Greeting her in your first conversation and addressing her with a different name acting like you don’t remember her is like stupid and funny. After that, you catch her attention and she finds you a little bit funny.
  4. Send Her GIF – Sending GIFs is also a good idea to catch her attention like; sending her a funny guy who’s holding hay facing on a horse while saying “Haaaaayyy” with a caption in it. Her first reaction would be you’re a funny guy and interesting. Play with GIFs such as hearts, flowers, or teddy bears on your convo that will make her interested in you.
  5. Observe Her Profile From Top To Bottom – To make an effective convo, observe her profile and see what she likes. Discussing them in your convo will make her talk more about it. When she was at the beach in her photo, you can mention that you love the beach too. In that way, while having deep conversations, you are connecting. 
  6. Ask a Question – Asking her something is also effective during your first approach like you ask her; “what are the things she likes” or something that could make her reply to your question. Making this kind of conversation will make the ambiance a bit more interesting.
  7. Bring Up Inspiring Feelings – Since your aim here is to catch her attention, then start your convo by praising her or talking sweetly to bring out inspiring feelings with your convos. In this manner, you catch her attention. If you’re having a connection then you can flirt with her a bit like asking her for a date.
  8. Put An Entertaining Opening – Approaching her with a boring opening would leave you behind, she will just ignore you for sure. So, to make things work out, tell her about your impressions of her while looking at her photos. Or make some stories that would make her laugh. Just entertain her to make your convo mutual. 
  9. Make Her Profile A Reference – Before approaching her, it is very important before you start the conversation by observing first on her profile. Read her bio first then take a look at the photos. See the possible approach that catches her attention.
  10. Send It Real Quick – There are thousands of matches on Tinder and not all are lucky to find their partner. So, if you find someone that catches your attention and you feel that you have something in common, then swipe right. If you are matched, the best thing to do is to send her a message as soon as possible. Doing this will aid you separate from those bunches of non-sense messages.

Tinder Pick-up Lines Examples

You can also use Tinder pick-up lines for your opening conversation. And here are some of the samples for you to use as reference.

  1. “Do you believe in love at first swipe?”
  2. “My parents are so excited, they can’t wait to meet you!”
  3. “You don’t know how many times I had to swipe left to find you!”
  4. “Is your personality as angelic as your hair?”
  5. “I never saw you coming and I’ll never be the same.”
  6. “I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”
  7. “I don’t know how this works, are we married now?”
  8. “Do you come here often?”
  9. “We’re a match! The next step is to pick a wedding date, right?”
  10. “I’ll cook your dinner if you cook my breakfast.”
  11. “My nickname at the school was “The Truth”. Girls just couldn’t handle me, what was yours?”
  12. “You’re going to have to delete Tinder, you’re making the other girls look bad.”
  13. “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”
  14. “Well now I know why the sky is so gray today, you took all the blue for your eyes.”
  15. “You’ve got the best smile on Tinder, I bet you use Crest.”
  16. “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up for anything?”
  17. “Sunday priorities: Netflix, exercise, or bottomless mimosas.”
  18. “How many times have you pictured me naked since we matched?”
  19. “Hey gorgeous, will you be my Tinderella?”
  20. “Are you my appendix? Because this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.”

You should bear in mind that not all of these examples are 100% will work out in every conversation that you make on your matches. It depends on how you use it. Better read your matched bio first and see what pick-up line to apply.

Alternative: Use Techniques During Your Convo

Use Cocky/Funny Technique – After you get her attention and start the conversation, the best thing to do is to use the cocky/funny technique. Since you see her bio and know her likes, then tease her using your sense of humor with a cocky/funny technique. Cocky in a way that you are talking overconfident yet funny at the same time. 

Do this in a non-aggressive way without acting like a fool. Using cocky/funny will help you bring some emotion into your interactions. You will be able to engage women more intensely. Here, we provide some examples that might work in your conversation.

  1. Make the first cocky/funny lines when she replies to your chats, cocky yet sweet that catches her attention; “I realize you’re probably shy because you get no attention from men, so I decided to come over and pay attention to you.”
  2. If she’s engaging in behavior showing that she’s into you, then tease her and point it out; “Oh, you like me. Look at you, hitting me like you’re a 3rd grader.”
  3. If she says something clever then reply; “Congratulations, that’s 5 points right there – and you needed them since you were at – 16 before.”
  4. If she asks you if you are going to buy her some drinks then reply; “Because I am such a gentleman, I will let you buy me one first. Ladies first as they say!” or “Yes, as long as you take me out to dinner this week.”
  5. If she’s excusing herself to go to the bathroom for a second then you can reply; “Sorry, I don’t do it in the bathroom. You’ll need to buy me a few more drinks before I will consider going home with you.”

Put a Sexual Innuendos When You’re Making a Cocky/Funny Convo – Combining your sexual innuendo with your cocky/funny lines during your conversation is the most effective way to hook up a woman. It would clear up her mind of your real intention with her. It would make your conversations more intimate and open for sex dates. Or maybe she might invite you to her place to hit her on the bed. 

 Here are some examples for you to take as a reference.

  1. “Do you like sleeping? Me too, we should do it together sometime.”
  2. “Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. We’re a match on Tinder, so I think we should screw.”
  3. “You’ve been a bad girl. Go to my room.”
  4. “The word of the day is legs. Let’s go back to your place and spread the word.”
  5. “If you don’t want to have kids with me, then why don’t we just practice.”
  6. “That outfit would look great in a crumpled heap next to my bed.”
  7. “If we were both squirrels, would you let me bust a nut in your hole?”
  8. “Hey, I’m looking for a treasure. Can I look around our chest?”
  9. “Hey, do you like chicken? Sorry, I haven’t got any, how about a cock?”
  10. “Could you do me a favor? Could you get on your knees and smile like a donut?”

High chances of your hookups on Tinder will depend on how you make your profile. Uploading good-quality photos and making your bio will make your profile more attractive. Here, we will give you tips on how to make it done.

What Is The Right Time To Ask Her Out

The main reason why you’re on Tinder is to find a date. So building up your relationship with your match is the first step before you ask her for a date. There are factors that you must consider first before you invite her for a date. Here, we will give you some tips to determine the right time to ask her out.

Determine If She’s interested – While having a conversation with your match, you’ll find if she’s into you by giving you signs of interest. Every time you talk she feels happy or energized. She will always chat with you. That would be a good sign that she’s interested in you.

Figure Out Her Feelings – Like what I said earlier if she’s into you, she will always chat with you and tell you things about herself and what she likes – she’s expressing herself to you. This will be a good sign for you that you can take her out.

Bring It Up On The Right Time – The moment when you are in a good mood while having a conversation, you can bring it up by asking her out. If you feel that your thoughts and feelings are mutual then don’t wait for it for too long, ask her. I know it will be the best moment for both of you and I guarantee that she will never reject you.

What Are The Signs That A Woman Is Willing To Sleep With You

When she successfully accepts your invitation you feel excited about it. Many things will come into your mind and one of these ideas for sure is how to get her laid in bed, right? But before that, you must determine if she wants it too. To help you out, I will give you signs that a woman is willing to sleep with you.

Signs That A Woman Is Willing To Sleep With You
  1. Telling You Her Choices of Outfits – When you are having a conversation, she always tells you what she is wearing or what are her choices of outfits. Like she is teasing you to play with your dirty mind. Either she is pleasing you or she wants to know what is your choice for her to wear before your date. That will be a good sign that she wants to be more attractive during your date.
  2. She Is Telling You That She’s Alone – During your conversation, she is asking about your current location and she is also telling you her whereabouts. If she’s telling you that she is all alone in her place like she is inviting you indirectly, that would be a good sign that she wants to sleep with you. 
  3. She Asks The Distance Between Your Location To Her Location – If she asks about the distance between her location and your location this might be weird. But if you think further about what she means, you figure out that she wants to know which place is the closest to your dating site. And go after dinner to spend the night.
  4. She’s Asking You Dirty Questions – For some women, this would be awkward to ask sexually charged questions. But for a woman who wants to sleep with someone, this question would be a good starter to ignite your conversation for making plans before a date. If she asks you “how many girls have you slept with?” this will be the chance that you’ve been waiting for.
  5. She Is Asking You If You’re Living Alone – After you open up both your locations in your convo then she suddenly brings up the question “Are you living alone?” it would be some kind of a flirty question. However, it’s a good sign for you knowing that she wants to know your situation in your place and might be planning to get herself in where she wants to sleep with you.
  6. She Is Making A Way To Make You Come Over – In the middle of your conversation, she just opened up her situation that she needs your help in dealing with her case and invited you to come over to her place. Well, that’s a genuine idea for her to make you come. This simply indicates that she wants to sleep with you.
  7. She Rested Her Hands On Your Thigh – During your date, you are having fun and enjoying your drinks then suddenly she rested her palm on your thigh. It’s kind of awkward however her action shows that she is seducing you and inviting you in advance that she wants to get laid tonight.


Tinder is a dating app that most users are using for hookups. People who are visiting dating sites are seeking sexual pleasure, not for serious relationships, maybe a few of them. You learned the tips on how to use Tinder for free sex dating and you can try it if it helps you hook up with women near your location.


How to Unmatch on Tinder?

If you want to know how to unmatch a Tinder account, here’s how;

Step 1. Open a Chat Box with the person you want to unmatch.

Step 2. Select the “Ellipses” icon for Android and the “Shield” icon for iOS.

Unmatch on Tinder - Step 1

Step 3. Tap the “Unmatch” button.

Unmatch on Tinder - Step2

Tips on how to use Tinder.

We will provide you with tips on how to get started on Tinder. Here’s how;

  1. Make a Tinder Profile. You can log in to your Facebook account and pick some of your good photos there for your Tinder account.
  2. In its settings, you can adjust how far or close you want your search to be based on location distance.
  3. You can also edit who you want to see when searching for your match-up and the age range you’re looking for.
  4. After setting up your account, click on the flame icon and the filtered searches will appear where you can start swiping left and right (left if you reject the profile and right if you like it).
  5. To see their bio, you can click the “i” icon on the right bottom of their profile picture and see their other uploaded photos there.
  6. The diamond icon is for premium users, where they can see all the Tinder users who liked their profile.
  7. The message icon is to see all your messages.