What is the HUD App?

The HUD dating app is one of the most popular casual dating options on the current market. So, this app is not a stranger to you especially if you are fond of exploring different dating apps. The app’s goal is to combine simple and intuitive modern designs with an ever-changing dating culture to create and foster innovative user experiences. The HUD app is really redefining dating and hookups.

How Does The HUD App Work?

HUD App is an easy-to-learn app. You just have to install the app on your phone and make an account. You can choose to sign in with Apple/Google, sign in with your phone, or sign in with Facebook. Users have these 3 options and after you have picked one you can now proceed to provide all the information needed such as gender preference, username, and more.
Also, Photo verification is required for account creation, although it just takes a few minutes. It may seem inconvenient, but it’s a smart technique to keep fraudulent accounts out.
You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your preferences. You can exclude matches based on a variety of factors, such as age, location, interests, ethnicity, body type, and more. One of the nicest features of any hookup app is the search filters.


What is the HUD Search Filters?

First is the gender, an important search filter because if you’re a guy you don’t want to have a guy on your timeline also, and vice versa.
Second is the age filter, you can choose the age preference of your matches if you like older than you or younger than you of legal age.
Third, is the ethnicity and interest filter, you can filter which ethnicity would you like to talk to.
Lastly, the location, you can talk to the people nearby you, or you can talk to people far from you. But if you want hook-ups to talk to people close to you for easy transactions.

How to Find a Match on HUD?

As you are on the homepage you will see a timeline of the users nearby your area. You can visit their profiles and look at their uploaded pictures and send them a message if you like them. However, you need to wait if the other party will accept your message request and there you can start a conversation. Also, you can heart a profile and wait for them to heart you back. As easy as that message and wait for them to reply, no need for swiping.

Remember, downloading the app is free but you need to pay before you can do anything meaningful, like sending a message or replying to those who sent you a message. Paying also gives you access to premium filters, allowing you to narrow down the kind of people on your grid even more. You’ll also be able to send limitless messages, unlock password-protected photographs, and approve all matches at once. You’ll be able to video chat with your possible fuck partner and write evaluations for other people as well.

But there is a downside to finding a match on HUD because you might encounter some fake accounts or accounts made for advertisements. So, patience is needed if you want to have a quality match.

Hookup App - HUD

Pros of the HUD app

Website compatibility: When you use a dating app on your phone as well as your laptop. You have to be on the move at times. It’s sometimes convenient to be able to swipe about or send a message while on your phone. However, there are times when you want to relax and use your computer. Or if you’re at work and want to hook up with someone, it’s far easier to do so on a tab in your browser rather than on your phone.

Photo messaging: The photo-messaging option adds to the overall sexiness of the app. It’s not like Tinder, in which the only thing users can send each other is gifs that display in the app. You may quickly and easily upload images from your computer library or camera roll to your phone and send them to a match. Also, the photographs are first blurry when they arrive. This helps you to assess whether or not a photo is objectionable – such as phallic – and whether or not you want to view it. This protects you from naughty photos and makes the HUD app incredibly female-friendly.

Complete Profile: The majority of member profiles are completely filled out. You may occasionally be interested in learning more about members than their outward appearances. Although HUD is a hookup app, you should talk to your matches a little more before inviting them over to fuck.

Free Trial: Finally, the month-long trial period is ideal for anyone who is unsure about committing to a full subscription. And for a month? That really nails the nail on the head.

Cons of the HUD app

Racism is present: The “filter by ethnicity” function comes next. Personally, I find this really strange. This filter choice makes me feel uneasy. This, I believe, allows people to readily justify racism as a personal preference. It also enables people to swiftly locate individuals that they may fetishize due to their ethnicity. It’s a strange and pointless feature.

Gender options are limited: Other dating apps and other media networks have stepped up their game regarding gender and sexuality possibilities, but HUD isn’t one of them. When you establish your account, you can only choose between male and female, which might cause a lot of problems for people who don’t identify with either gender.

App Lagging: Another significant issue is lag. The first thing I noticed was how slow the app was on both desktop and mobile. I’m not sure why, because my internet is OK, so it must be the app. That is something that has to be addressed immediately.

There aren’t a lot of HUD users: Finally, there are an amount of HUD users. Simply put, there aren’t many. While it may appear that there are a large number of users at first glance, many of them are dispersed around the country. You can have trouble finding local users unless you live in a densely populated area.

How to Hook Up With The HUD App?

Upon making your profile in HUD make sure to upload good-looking personal pictures. You know appearance matters, make sure you give the best impression so other users will not hesitate to match with you.

Also, in HUD App there is a section called the “Bedroom” wherein you can put your preferences in the bedroom or your sex fetish. If you lay all your preferences there your hook-up partner will know directly all your wants and donts in the bedroom.

HUD App Bedroom Screenshot

If you like what the other person has put on their bedroom you can heart their profile or send them a message if you have the same bedroom preference. The rest will be discussed in your HUD messenger if you both are a match.

My HUD App is Not Responding, What To Do?

If your HUD App is not responding all of a sudden do this troubleshooting:

  • Check your internet connection. Restart your data or router to refresh the connection.
  • If it still lags after checking the internet, try updating the app it might be the problem.
  • After updating the app, restart your device.

You can do these 3 steps if your HUD App is not responding.

Final Verdict of The HUD App

HUD App is on the pricier side, the plan starts for as low as $9.99 per month. But you can get discounts if you avail of their platinum membership and other types of membership. However, in my opinion, the HUD app is a bit lag and it takes a lot of time to load especially in creating a profile, it always says “something went wrong” and you have to redo everything all over again.

There are also fraud accounts on HUD which are made for promotional accounts. They are accounts that have a bot message and ask you to buy their product or subscribe to their page. However, if you are patient enough you will find a good match but take note it will be on the ratio of 1/10.

The application itself is good, the color, the theme, and the layout, but it has bug issues. Also, they have email support but they aren’t giving feedback regarding the issue. So, for me, I will not spend any bucks again on this app. However, if you are looking for another dating/hook-up app, here is another app for legit sex dating.

Honest Review: ⭐ ⭐

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Subscribing to hookup apps should be a no-brainer decision, but the fact that you need to pay for it you should think of where you should spend your money on. So, here is the review of the HUD dating app to help you decide if you want to spend your money on this app or find another hookup app. I hope I have given you information about the HUD app.


How do I cancel my HUD App premium subscription?

If you want to cancel your premium subscription for the HUD dating app you can simply contact their support via the HUD app website or by going to “Payments & Subscriptions” in the Google Play Store/ App Store and selecting that you want to cancel the subscription.