Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the main problems of individuals where they fail to satisfy not only their sexual arousal but also meet the expected satisfaction of their partners during sex. Thankfully, there are many different sex toys available to aid people’s sexual pleasure both during solo sex and sexual intercourse. And one of the most popular sex toys, especially for couples that provide extra sensation for both parties is the cock rings.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Review Introduction

This type of sex toy is inserted around the penis to slow the penis’ blood flow which makes the erection of a penis harder and more long-lasting. Most cock rings today have vibrators that are intended to give extra sensation both on men’s and women’s genitals during vaginal penetration. A cock ring is also known as an aid for people who experienced difficulty in getting and keeping an erection with their penis also known as erectile dysfunction. And one of the known cock rings is the MysterVibe Tenuto 2.

The Upgrade: MysteryVibe Tenuto 2

From the famous bendable finger-shaped vibrator Crescendo, MysteryVibe created their 2nd masterpiece which is designed for men as cock rings, the MysteryVibe Tenuto but eventually replaced by Tenuto 2. This award-winning cock ring is the world’s only flexible wearable vibrator that every man dreamed of – to get erect and stay erect for a long-time.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Product Review

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 is the perfect sex toy for couples making every sex mind-blowing and putting their sexual experience to another level. With this innovative wearable vibrator, the penis and the clitoris will experience intense stimulation reaching an overwhelming orgasm at the same time. A must-experience that every couple should meet – achieving the ultimate couple climax.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Product Package

The Significance: MysteryVibe Tenuto 2

Though cock rings are designed for erectile dysfunction treatment, there are still many people without this condition using the product. And MysterVibe Tenuto 2 is their first choice for the following reasons;

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Review Demo

2-in-1 Stimulation – MysterVibe Tenuto 2 is a vibrator cock ring that stimulates the penis, keeping it hard as rock while penetrating the vagina. It will be a 2-in-1 stimulation making you and your partner shiver to orgasms during your sex.

Extends Penis Erection – While MysterVibe Tenuto 2 is inserted on your penis, the vibration increases your blood flow making your penis erect twice or greater than your normal erection.

Eliminates Performance Anxiety – Afraid that your penis can’t keep up until the end? With  MysterVibe Tenuto 2, there’s nothing to worry about. As it keeps your penis erect until your partner moans to orgasm. After trying  MysterVibe Tenuto 2, you will gain more confidence and eliminate performance anxiety.

A Solution for Sexual Health Issues in Men

As we mentioned earlier, cock rings are intended for medical use and treat men’s conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. And MysterVibe Tenuto 2 is the best solution that provides treatments as follows;

  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction – If you are having trouble keeping the erection last during sex, MysterVibe Tenuto 2 will slow the blood circulation on the penis making the muscles of the corpora cavernosa relax, allowing blood to flow in and fill the open spaces. This will cause pressure making the penis expand and erect. With the help of MysterVibe Tenuto 2, the erection will last long enough for sex.
  • Reduces Premature Ejaculation – One of the main problems of men during sex is premature ejaculation. It will cause sexual dissatisfaction in both parties (couples) after failing to achieve orgasm or satisfaction with their partner’s performance during sex. Regular use of MysterVibe Tenuto 2 will help reduce premature ejaculation as it keeps the penis hard and erect.
  • Treats Delayed Ejaculation – This condition is the opposite of premature ejaculation, where some men are struggling to reach the climax during sex which may cause their bodies physically tired. Regular use of MysterVibe Tenuto 2 will help produce ejaculation without causing much physical energy.
  • Eliminates Hypoactive Desire Disorder – Another common problem of men during sex is having a low sex drive or no sex drive that affects their relationship with their partners leading to unfaithful acts. Luckily, MysterVibe Tenuto 2 helps people to improve their sex drive as it stimulates the penis through vibration making them aroused.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Features

What makes MysterVibe Tenuto 2 one of a kind are the unique features that it can offer. Whether you have penis conditions or you just want to put your sex experience to the next level, the MysterVibe Tenuto 2 has all your needs.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Features

Stretchable/Body Adaptable – MysterVibe Tenuto 2 is made of premium silicone-grade material that makes it softer and flexible/stretchable that is designed to adapt to any size of the penises.

Rechargeable Battery – MysterVibe Tenuto 2 is a battery-operated USB-type rechargeable device that makes this sex toy extremely portable where you can carry and use it anywhere you want – as long as it is fully charged.

Water Resistant – Cleaning this cock ring is not an issue as it is a water-proof device. You can rinse or soak it in the water before and after use or even use it while in the shower.

4 Motor for Vibration – MysterVibe Tenuto 2 has a 4-vibration motor. You will enjoy 4 kinds of powerful vibrations while using this cock ring and create your vibes. With this powerful vibration, you will experience complete stimulation from your penis and scrotum to your perineum.

2 Hours Operation – You will enjoy your playtime with MysterVibe Tenuto 2 for straight 2 hours of operation. Long enough to achieve orgasm and reach the ultimate couple climax.

App Control – You can operate MysterVibe Tenuto 2 remotely using an App control to be installed on your smartphone. You can enjoy adjusting the intensity and vibration that you like through the app.

These are the unique features that you may experience using the MysterVibe Tenuto 2 with your partner during sex or while treating your penis condition.

How to Use MysterVibe Tenuto 2

Knowing the whole function of MysterVibe Tenuto 2 and its proper usage is very essential. So, we listed below the steps on how to use MysterVibe Tenuto 2 for your sex experience.

Step 1: Unbox the MysterVibe Tenuto 2 and plug the USB cable into the MysterVibe Tenuto 2 USB charging port located at the back edge of the device then plug the charging adapter into the power outlet to start the charging. Charge the device within 1 hour before using it.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Review - Unbox Tenuto

Step 2: Find the buttons and turn on the MysterVibe Tenuto 2.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Review - Turn On

Step 3: Then set the intensity and the vibe as you like. Find the intensity that makes you comfortable.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Review - Set The Intensity

Step 4: Stretch the ring while inserting it into your penis then find the positions you like for the stimulation.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Review - Stretch It

Step 5: MysterVibe Tenuto 2 has an App control. Download the app to your smartphone and use it to set the intensity and vibration you need.

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 Review - Use The App

Step 6: You can add lube while using the MysterVibe Tenuto 2 to find comfort and enhance your pleasure.

MysterVibe Tenuto 2 Review - Use Lube

After using the MysterVibe Tenuto 2, you can wash it with soapy water since it’s water-proof. By following these steps, you will enjoy the MysterVibe Tenuto 2 during your sex or your penis treatment.

The Bottom Line

Having a sex condition like erectile dysfunction is a serious matter for all men as it can affect their sexual relationships with their partners. Good thing there is a reliable tool or sex toy that can aid this condition, the MysterVibe Tenuto 2. It has many unique features that men could enjoy while using it for treatment or sex. And at the same time, it stimulates both partners’ genitals during sex – making their sex experience reach the ultimate level of orgasm.