Vibrators like dildos are the most common of all sex toys and we can easily distinguish them through their appearance as dildos have vulgar designs replicating a penis. Actually, dildos are intentionally designed as penis for women to enjoy their self-pleasuring as they imagine a real penis penetrating their holes.

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator Featured Image

However, as dildos lasted for long years most users were so sick of the traditional vulgar and boring designs that they lost interest in using the sex toy. That is why many sex toy companies come up with ideas and new designs for their customers. They created ergonomic designs and unique forms of upgraded dildos. And one of these newly upgraded forms of dildos is the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom. Now, let’s take a closer look and see what this little mushroom vibrator has to offer.

Design and Features

Unlike common dildos and vibrators, PinkPunch has just created a phenomenal sex toy that no one would ever think that it is actually a vibrator, the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom. At first glance, this mushroom vibrator is just like a rubber mushroom ornament but if you take a closer look, you will understand that the mushroom-shaped replicates the form of a penis-shaped vibrator or a dildo.

To better understand what makes PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom separate from the other sex toys, let’s discuss its design and features.

Appearance – The phallic pink design of PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom is more appealing compared to the usual design of dildos and vibrators.

Material – And when it comes to material safety, the mushroom is an ergonomically designed vibrator that is made of food-grade safe silicone. The translucent silicone is a soft textured material that makes the mushroom super comfortable from all angles of inner pleasure.

Wireless App-base Remote Control – The Sunset Mushroom is an App-base that can be connected via Bluetooth reaching up to 30 feet. The app has a vibrate control feature that is good both for solo and partner use (applicable for long-distance partner play).

100% Waterproof and easy to clean – This amazing mushroom vibrator is 100% waterproof where you can play with it in the shower, in the bathtub, or anywhere you want. The Sunset Mushroom can be washed in a washing machine (cleaning after use is highly recommended).

Discreet Gift Box and Perfect for Traveling – The packaging of PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom is very unique. Its mini-size and extremely beautiful pinkish packaging with logo print make it perfect to give as a gift. The discreet storage box makes it ideal for trips or taking it on the way.

Whisper-quiet Vibrations with durable battery life – The vibrator has 3 intense levels with 5 whisper-quiet vibration modes and these are the following;

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator Mode
  • Fingers – Are you familiar with come-hither motion? If you experience fingering yourself with a come-hither motion where you run your fingertip back and forth hitting the g-spot, then you will experience the same sensation with the finger vibration mode.
  • Cocktail – The same as the cocktail on beverages. It is the sensation produced by this vibration mode that combines the graphics of a cocktail with ice cubes while being stirred.
  • Passion – This mode of vibration focuses on speed. The faster the more stimulation you receive. It depends on you on what speed you choose that will work for you whether you prefer high-speed, mid, or low vibration.
  • Shroom – If you prefer a strong and steady mode of vibration, then this mode will be the perfect option. You will experience a strong fine motion of vibration that will make you shiver to orgasm.
  • Lottery – If you are confused about what mode will work on your self-pleasuring moment, then this mode will be your deciding factor. It will randomly select the type of vibration mode of your PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom.

In addition, the PinkPunch has an extra battery life that is provided with the portable travel charging storage box that can last up to 60 minutes which is great!

Accessibility and Inaccessibility

When buying a product like a sex toy, one of the factors that most buyers or users look at is product accessibility – if the product is accessible or not. In this part, we will discuss some of the important factors of PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom that made this vibrator accessible and inaccessible.

When it comes to size, PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom is a small type of vibrator. Its total length is only 9 cm plus 9cm on the string. The head size is about 3.5cm both in width and height. It is very accessible and you can carry it anywhere you go.

The weight of the product is about 37 grams which makes the vibrator very light and easy to carry. If you add the weight of the case, the total weight of the whole product package is 150 grams.

The PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom has only one button that can be found at the very tip of the base of the mushroom stem and it’s about 9mm wide. The only issue with the button is that it needs firm pressure to press down.

The large percentage of vibration of the mushroom transfers to the tip of the stem which is a big issue for users who prefer vibrators for vaginal penetration – it will cause the whole mushroom to penetrate the hole, so better save the strap to pull it off just in case. It is also a big issue for people who have joint illnesses like arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The Packaging

When you take a look at the outer packaging of the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator, you will never know that it is a sex toy. The box is so beautiful in pink color with abstract prints and a PinkPunch logo on the upper part of the box.

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator Packaging

#1. When you open the box, you will see;

  • an oval-shaped case in pink color with the printed PinkPunch logo nestled within the box (it is a portable travel charging storage box),
  • PinkPunch stickers,
  • wearable PinkPunch pin,
  • USB charging cable,
  • and the user’s manual.

#2. When you open the oval-shaped case or the portable charging storage box, you will see;

  • The PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom vibrator,
  • And the safety strap.
These are the items included in the whole package of the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator.

How to Use PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator

There are two ways to operate the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator, either you control it manually or via the App.

To use it manually, follow the steps below;
Step 1:
Press and hold the button found at the base of the mushroom stem for a few seconds. It will turn on and you will feel a minimal vibration as it starts.

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Press Button

Step 2:
You can start externally by stimulating the body’s sensitive parts such as the clitoris, nipples, or even for a man – on the shaft of a penis. You can also use it internally by penetrating the mushroom inside the vagina. For safety, use the safety strap before inserting it inside your vagina to pull it off easily.

Step 3:
For adjustments on the vibration speed and 5 vibration patterns, just keep pressing the button to change the speed and the mode.

Step 4:
To turn off the mushroom vibrator, just repeat the 1st step.

To use it remotely with the App, the first thing to do is to download the app to your phone (available both on iOS and Android) and follow the steps below;

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Application

Step 1:
After installing the app on your phone, create an account using your valid email address.

Step 2:
Once you’re in, you need to connect the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator to the app. Simply turn on the mushroom while you run the app and connect them via Bluetooth.

Step 3:
On the App interface, you will see the device is connected then click “Start” and see many options.

Step 4:
You can start your solo play or with your partner by clicking the “Remote Control” option where you can choose your desired vibration mode and pattern.

Step 5:
If you like to play with your mushroom with your partner, they can control the vibrator at a long distance. All you need to do is to install the app on your partner’s phone and give the unique code of the app to start your long-distance partner play.

Step 6:
The app has an amazing offer that you will surely love. You can set a profile on the app and you can see your user stats where you can get reward badges after using different functions of the app.

How to Charge the Vibrator and the Portable Storage

PinkPunch Portable Case Charging:

The PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator has a portable rechargeable storage case. To charge the case, plug in the USB cable and connect it to the power adapter to plug it into the power outlet.

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Portable Charging Case

In the state of charging, there is a pulse of a LED bar light, and will become steady when fully charged. The charging duration of the case will take up to 2 hours. You can recharge the mushroom at the same time just by putting it inside its portable case while the case is charging.

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator Charging:

To charge the mushroom vibrator, the charging process is wireless using the portable charging case. Simply put the vibrator inside the slot of the case and a heart symbol will light on while charging. The charging duration of the vibrator will take about only 30 minutes.

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Wireless Charging

Proper Care and Maintenance

To make the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator last for years, proper care and maintenance are a must. See the guides and tips below;

  • It is highly recommended to clean the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator before and after use – just wash it with mild soap and warm water, or a sex toy cleaner.
  • To make your mushroom usage more enjoyable, you can apply lube to the mushroom vibrator, a water-based lube is always recommended. A silicone-based lubricant is not advisable because it will cause damage to the silicon material.
  • When cleaning the case, just wipe it with a clean cloth and avoid washing it with water because it is not waterproof like the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom vibrator.
  • To prolong the life of the battery of both the vibrator and its portable storage case, avoid draining and overcharging the battery.

This is the basic guide on how to take care of and maintain the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of amazing sex toys out there and when we talk about sex toy evolution, PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator is the perfect example. This little mushroom will never let you down as it offers amazing features.

From manual use to a futuristic concept where you can wirelessly control the mushroom vibrator. You can enjoy your self-pleasure with your partner no matter how far the distance. PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator’s amazing app will bring your partner closer to you as the app feature will allow your partner to remotely control the vibrator over a long distance. This once-in-a-lifetime product is something that you shouldn’t miss!