Are you familiar with Tori Black? Moriah Mills? How about Mini Diva? I know you perverts have jerked off with their videos. These are some of the pornstars that made a noise for their name in the pornographic industry. They have produced spectacular porn videos with the help of known pornographic companies. And renowned pornstars are not just doing pre-recorded porn videos but they do live shows also, but with a higher price range.

Popular porn site like pornhub offers a download button to their users but they need to pay before they can successfully download the porn video. However, some premium porn sites don’t have a download option. And the live shows of the pornstars are for one-time shows only, it can’t be downloaded after the show. This is bad news for porn consumers who like to save porn videos offline to watch for later.

Don’t worry I won’t waste your time reading this article. I will present to you solutions on how to download free pornstar videos. And of course, you will also know how to record live streaming sex sessions of a pornstar.

Save Pornstar Videos With A Video Downloader

Eager to collect porn videos of your favorite pornstar? Don’t worry because CleverGet is to the rescue!

CleverGet is a video downloader that has features that are truly useful in your downloading tasks.

The Turbo Fast feature of CleverGet is the feature to use if you want to download videos faster than the regular downloading speed. You can speed up the downloading by up to 10x.

Another feature is the Multiple URLs wherein you can use it to batch download up to 10 videos simultaneously. This is perfect if you want to collect porn videos of your favorite pornstars.

These are the most useful features of CleverGet and we will know more as we go along and learn how to use CleverGet in downloading pornstar videos.

Step 1. Install CleverGet Video Downloader on your computer just click the button below. After the installation, open CleverGet on your computer.

Step 2. After you open CleverGet, look for the setting icon on the upper right part. Then set the preferred Quality Settings of your downloaded porn videos.

Navigate Output Options To Download Porn

Step 3. If you are done with the previous step you are ready for this step. All you have to do is go to the porn website and pick the video you want to download. Then copy the video URL.

Address Bar Screenshot

Step 4. After you copy the video URL, go back to CleverGet and click the Paste URL button to paste the video URL and the downloading will start automatically.

Multiple Urls

If you want to download many videos at once just click the Paste URL button and just click Multiple URLs to download many videos.

Step 5. You can see your downloaded porn videos on the Downloaded Tab of CleverGet on the left side.

5 easy steps and you’ll be able to download a porn video of your favorite pornstar. This is the downloader that you need to download free porn videos easily from any porn website.

Another solution is here if your favorite pornstar likes to do live shows, how are you gonna save a live show to watch again later? Don’t worry we don’t need to download it, instead let’s record it!

Record Pornstar’s Live Show Performance

Screen recorder is in demand, to the porn collectors now because many porn websites offer live performances of renowned pornstars.

So, here is Aiseessoft Screen Recorder to help you with recording a live show of your favorite pornstar.

Aiseessoft has features that are useful for everyone who likes to record live shows.

The Timer Feature of Aiseessoft is a feature wherein you can set a timer for your recording session. For example, you need to run an errand and you cannot finish the live show, just set a timer on how much time you want the recording to continue. If you set the timer for 10 minutes, then after 10 minutes it will automatically stop recording.

And another feature is the Scheduling Feature of Aiseessoft Screen Recorder, where you can set a schedule for recording a live sex performance. For instance, you bought a ticket for an exclusive show but sadly you cannot attend the show, because something urgent came up. Just set a schedule, set the exact time you want the recording to start and end. Make sure the live show website is open and your computer is on active mode to successfuly record the live show.

Enough of that I know you are excited to learn how to use the Aiseessoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Install the Aiseessoft screen recorder on your computer and open the program after you successfuly install it.

Step 2. When you open the program you will see three modules, then choose Video Recorder to record live show performances.

Set Screen Recorder to Record Stream Show

Step 3. And when you open the Video Recorder module. You will see another four modules wherein you have a choice of how your recording task will be. If you want to record fullscreen or customize your recording area.

Screen Recorder For Porn Downloading

An option of turning ON your Webcam and Microphone is given if you want to.

Step 4. After choosing your preferred recording settings, go back to the porn website. And if you’re ready just press the Rec button to start recording the live performance.

Step 5. If you are ready to stop recording the live performance, you can press the Stop button. And then check your recorded live on the Recording History tab.

Live Sex recording history

There you go 5 easy steps and you’ll be able to record the live performance of a pornstar.


Everyone is excited to see their favorites on-screen especially if their favorites are multi-awarded pornstars. That must be overwhelming to see a new video of them or participating in their live show. And the stress of not being able to keep it for collection or for later viewing.

Stress no more because our video downloader and screen recorder are one click away to offer their features in your downloading and recording tasks. The Multiple URLs feature of our video downloader is a great help for porn collectors to download many porn videos at once. And the scheduling feature of the screen recorder is great for people who can’t manage their time well. So, what are you waiting for? Record or download now your favorite porn video.