Cam4 is a sex cam website that started in 2007. It is a premium cam site where males, females, and other genders are free to do a show. Members have a choice to purchase virtual tokens to tip the performer or to buy a private show. And one of the advantages of cam4 is the cam 2 cam feature with a model is free. Meaning you don’t need to pay for this feature.

When you enter the website you will see thumbnails of available models. And when you click it you will see all the functional buttons. You will see how many tokens you can tip a cam performer. On the opposite of the token tips, you will see another button on how much more you can tip the performer. Like gifts, crowns, and fire they correspond to a specific amount of tokens. When you are concerned with finding the best performer, they have a lot of tags that will help you find the cam model that will truly satisfy you.

Usually, the performers are not famous porn stars online, they are just people who perform in their room or studio. And so they give a wholesome vibe to the viewers. Just make sure when you visit the site you are over 18 because you will see vulgar actions there. In line with that, many people are curious about how to record a live performance on the cam4 website to keep or share with others.

Some knew that screen recorder is a thing now to record a live show and some don’t. So, this article is for those who haven’t discovered the screen recorder yet, and for those who have a screen recorder already, you may continue reading because you will be about to know the hottest recorder in the market today.

Below is the guide on how to use the hottest screen recorder in the market to record Cam4 live sex performance.

Record Cam4 Sex Cam

Record Live Cam4 Sex Performance With A Screen Recorder

Since technology is growing every day, recording a one-time show like live streaming sex performance is possible.

Aiseessoft Screen Recorder made recording live performances possible. This downloader has features that could help you with your downloading tasks.

Some features of Aiseessoft Screen Recorder

  • Scheduling feature – if you are a person who is very busy to catch a live performance on time. This is the feature for you, you can set a recording schedule. Just set the time you want the recording to start and the time you want it to end. Make sure the Cam4 website is open and your computer is not on idle mode.
  • Timer feature – this is perfect if, for example, something urgent came up and you’ll not be able to finish the live show you can set a timer and leave your computer alone. If you think the show will end in 15 minutes, set the timer to 15 mins and after 15 minutes, the recording will stop automatically.
  • 2-way recording – this means while you are recording the can model, you can also record yourself via webcam and record your audio also with your personal microphone. This feature is perfect for a private cam 2 cam with a performer.

Now that we know some of the features of Aiseessoft Screen Recorder let’s now walk through how to use this screen recorder to record Cam4 live performance.

Step 1. Install Aiseessoft on your computer, just click the button below. Then open the program.

Step 2. When you open the program, you will see three tabs. Choose Video Recorder to record Cam4 live sex shows.

Set Screen Recorder to Record Cam4 Stream Show

Step 3. Then as you click Video Recorder you will see your recording setting. You will be presented with a choice if you want to record fullscreen or customize your recording area.

Screen Recorder For Porn Downloading

In this tab also you have a choice to turn ON your Webcam and Microphone. This is perfect to use if you are in a private cam 2 cam session with a cam sex performer.

Step 4. After you have set your preferred recording setting, go back to the cam4 website and press the Rec button if you are ready to start the recording.

Step 5. If you are done and ready to end the recording just click the Stop button on the lower part of the recording screen.

Cam4 Live Sex Recording History

You can see your recorded session in the Recording History on the lower left of Aiseessoft.

There you have it! Easily record a live show with these 5 steps.


Cam4 being a free live sex website has gained a lot of attention from perverts. And with that being said the demand for recording Cam4 live sex has risen. So don’t hassle to find another recorder because this article is specially made for you! Aiseessoft is one of the hot screen recorders in the market because of its features that is truly helpful in your recording task. And another advantage of this screen recorder is it’s straightforward to use and the buttons are upfront wherein you don’t need to look for it everywhere.

So, don’t miss the chance to use this screen recorder not only for recording live sex performances but also for office work and educational purposes.