“Hey Eroben, one of my favorite models is broadcasting on Chaturbate and I want to record the whole steaming live show for later watch, can you teach me how I can record chaturbate live videos?” – Micheal Lee

This is a question that one of my friends asked, and that must be a question that always on you mind. And today I am going to show you the way to record Chatburbate Live cam shows.

Record Chaturbate Live Stream Cam Show

How Does Chaturbate Works

Guys love to watch live sex shows on Chaturebate. As the biggest adult online cam streaming site, it has hundreds of live chat rooms, in which you can view the live shows of female cams, male cams, transgender cams, couple cams, and featured cams.

For broadcasters, they performance on Chaturbate to earn Tokens. As for viewers, we buy tokens from Chaturbate and use tokens to download pictures and videos of your favorite models, you can also tip them with tokens when you have a lot of fun watching their shows.

While if you want to keep every moment of a live show, you can hardly find it. The only thing you can do is to record the Chaturbate show when it is on. In this way, you can keep the shows locally and you can watch them later or maybe share them to your friends.

How to Record Chaturbate Streaming Live Show with Screen Capturing Tool

I will suggest recording Chaturebate on your computer instead of on your phone taking the storage capability into our consideration. So, the below steps to record Chaturbate live show is demonstrated on PC.

Step 1 Download and install a Screen Recorder on your computer.
Here I will use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, as you can find the download buttons below.

Step 2 Open the Screen Recorder and Set it Always in front.
Open the screen recorder that you just installed and select Video Recorder on the interface. And click on the pin icon to set the recorder window always in front.

Set Screen Recorder to Record Chaturbate Stream Show

Step 3 Open the page of a Chaturbate Stream Live Show.
Move to your browser and open the page of a Chaturbate show that you like. And resize the playback window to the size that you want. If you are not satisfied with the video quality, you can change the resolution to 1080p and keep the internet connection stable during your recording.

Open A Chaturbate Chat Room That You Want To Record

Step 4 Choose a Record Area.
Now move back to the screen recorder pane, you will a set of options for you to change the recording area. I will choose Full screen here.

Note: Please remember to remove the windows task bar out of your recording area.

Step 5 Start to Record Chaturbate Cam Show.
Click REC button to start your recording. When you finish the recording, just click the stop button on the recording control pane. Now you can export the recorded Chaturbate live show video on your computer.

If you don’t want to wait in front of your computer while recording the videos, just set a task schedule for the Chaturbate recording. You can find the option on the main panel of the program.