Record Imlive Cam Models Live Sex And Cam Chat

Imlive live sex and cam chat website has been around for 20 years now, it started way back in 2002 and it hit 7 million members after 5 years. How much more today. Imlive website offers fresh pussies every now and then, they have new cam models almost every day. Just like other live sex websites, Imlive offers 1 on 1 with a model so don’t worry you will be noticed with the cam model if you avail yourself of their 1 on 1 private session.

With other live streaming websites, you need to pay for a 1 on 1 session with a cam model or pay for their exclusive content and live sex. The prices per minute range from $0.98 to $5.80 ($14.90 for porn stars). These digits are not a problem at all especially if you are a pervert looking for some fun.

Usually, on live cam websites, it is a one-time show, meaning you cannot replay the show that you’ve watched. Or you cannot download it also because the cam models don’t save their live session. You can get their exclusive videos tho but you will be charged extra.

So, to make your pervert life easy I am here to present to you a solution on how to record Imlive live sex and cam chat. In this method, you can freely replay the live session and you can save your own copy without having to pay extra. I will not make you wait long. Below is the guide on how to record Imlive live sex and cam chat.

Record Imlive Live Sex and Cam Chat With A Screen Recorder

Here is a solution for you to record live sex performances and replay them many times you want.

Aiseessoft Screen Recorder is the kind of recorder that will help you with your recording tasks.

This screen recorder has a scheduling feature. For example, you have bought a ticket for the 11 pm show, but you might not be able to catch it because you have plans with your friends. Just set a recording schedule by 11 pm and the time you want to end the recording. Just make sure your computer is in active mode.

Moreover, this has a recording timer also. You can set a timer of how long you want the recording will be. For example, you want to record for 15 mins long, just set the timer to 15 mins and after 15 mins it will automatically stop recording.

These are just some of the features of Aiseessoft Screen Recorder. We will encounter more of its feature as we learn how to use Aiseessoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Install Aiseessoft Screen Recorder on your computer by clicking the button below. Then open the program after installing it.

Step 2. When you open the program you will see 3 tabs. Just choose Video Recorder to record Imlive live sex and cam chat sessions.

Set Screen Recorder to Record Stream Show

Step 3. After choosing a video recorder, you will be presented with options whether you want to customize your recording area or record full screen.

Screen Recorder For Porn Downloading

You also have a choice if you want to turn ON your Webcam and Microphone.

Step 4. When you are done setting your preferred setting. Go to the Imlive website and if you are ready to start recording click Rec.

Step 5. And if you are ready to end the recording click the Stop button then check your recorded session on the Recording History of Aiseessoft Screen Recorder.

Live Sex Recording History

Easy right? With 5 steps you can now record your favorite Imlive cam model. Are you ready to get wet or get a hard-on? You should be because, Aiseessoft is just a click away.

Sum up

We can’t deny that live sex and cam chat websites are a thing now. Many have used this as a profession but many are also using it as a time killer. But whatever reason they are using a live sex and cam chat website for, one thing’s for sure they are having fun.

To keep the fun going, it would be nice to record the moment and replay it whenever you want. Don’t waste any time and use Aiseessoft Screen Recorder to continue having a good time.