Are you lonely? Want to have sex but don’t have a partner? Looking for a companion? Then maybe it’s about time for you to get your sex partner. How? Simple, just look over the internet and search for a sex doll that will work for you.  Yes, you heard me right – sex doll. It’s the best option to fulfill your sexual desire. For most men, a sex doll is a great escape from boredom and loneliness. For someone who uses a sex doll, it gives them a lifelike sensation fucking a real-life partner.

Now, if you want to try what’s the feeling of fucking a sex doll then you must first learn what are the types of sex dolls. If you have any skin allergies check what are their materials made of. Researching before buying is the best way to make things work between you and your desired sex doll. Want to learn all these things? Don’t worry! I will help you out. Here, we will discuss with you the sex doll guide for you to know which type of sex doll will work for you and the right store where you can buy it.

How To Choose? Make The Best Choice For Yourself

Choosing the right sex doll will make you develop to appreciate your doll in ways that most people can’t imagine. It will create a bond between you and your sex doll like a true partner. With the right sex doll of your taste, you will enjoy passionate sex and not just ordinary masturbation. It will bring a serious impact on your happiness and quality of life. To make things work out for you and your sex doll, here are the tips to choose the right one for you.

1. Research The Types of Materials Used In Sex Dolls

Researching the types of materials used in creating a modern sex doll is the first thing to do. As it is the main factor to determine the texture of the doll. There are a few materials that are mainly used in making a sex doll, and the price is usually determined by its final product. Here are the materials;

Silicone – is a type of polymer. It has a high heat resistance compared to other rubber materials. Where you can sterilize the material by boiling it. Silicon can be firm or soft depending on the formula of mixing in the production. It is one of the main materials used in sex toys and sex dolls because it is easy to work with, making a realistic replica of a real woman. Silicone rubber is a non-porous material that is easy to clean and won’t retain any odor. Because of the properties of silicone rubber, it is more expensive compared to the other rubber materials.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) – is commonly known as thermoplastic rubber. It is a physical mix of polymers which is plastic and rubber that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomer properties. It is very common in the production of various rubber products because it can be easily molded and injected. Also, it’s soft and can be stretched to moderated elongations, and the ability to retain its original shape. TPE is a super soft and wobbly material that is good for sex dolls providing a very realistic texture. However, TPE is a porous material which means it can retain smells and is difficult to clean. It has also a low heat resistance than silicone.

Note: If you choose a TPE sex doll, be careful about exposing it to strong heat, especially when you are cleaning it. Bear in mind that TPE material has low heat resistance that even exposing it to the heat of sunlight for a long period will cause damage to the material.

Rubber Sex Dolls – is a low-quality made material sex doll that can be easily damaged or torn up. However, is still used sometimes for some people that can’t afford a modern sex doll like the silicone and TPE sex dolls. Another reason is modern sex dolls are not available in some countries and people’s single option is the rubber sex doll. Although a rubber sex doll is not durable, it’s very easy to maintain, store, and clean.

2. Choose Durable Sex Dolls

It is very important to choose a sex doll that will last for a long period.  Especially when you are planning to use it from time to time. You need to check it thoroughly from the skin to the inner part which is the skeletal structure that supports the doll from bending or keeping the doll always in a position like a real human.

If we base it on durability, then the best choice is the Silicone sex doll since it’s heavier and has a good skeletal framework that supports the skin in any position. It is very ideal for some who want their sex dolls always visible in corners like in living rooms or sitting beside their nightstand. However, it is highly advisable to change the doll’s position from time to time to prevent creases on any part of the doll’s body.

3. Mind The Sex Doll’s Weight And Size

When you are planning to buy your first sex doll, you need to consider the size and weight. Usually, sex dolls come in half or life-size. If you want a sex doll that you can easily move from place to place, then pick the mini sex doll or the half-size because a life-size sex doll weighs about 49kg which means it requires strength and energy to carry. Plus, life-size sex dolls are more expensive, and storing them is not easy. Not ideal for those people who have low-level strength that can’t carry heavy objects. Yet, life-size sex dolls are more realistic-looking and give a lifelike sensation of having sex with a real woman. When choosing your sex doll, don’t just focus on the texture, you need to consider what size and weight of sex doll are more convenient for you.

4. Provide A Perfect Storage

After picking the perfect sex doll for you – considering its size and weight, you need to provide the right space for your doll storage. Mini sex dolls with a height 100 cm below are much easier to store so if you don’t have enough space to provide storage for your doll, better pick this size of a doll. If you don’t mind seeing your sex doll by other people or if you have a room for your doll and you want to caress it in your bed every night, then the life-size doll is perfect for you.

5. Think About The Things You Like Before Buying Your First Sex Doll

There are so many sex dolls available out there that you can’t easily pick what kind of sex doll will work for you and probably, you wouldn’t stop at one. Before buying your first sex doll, you must think about the things you like. Let your wildest imagination and secret fantasies run, this will help you pick the right sex doll according to your taste.

If you are dreaming of having a woman who has a perfect body with a big tit lying right beside you, then why not buy a sex doll that embodies all of that aspects? To make it easy for you to remember those desired qualities on picking your sex doll is to list them down because by the time you are viewing all the sex dolls available in the store will make you confused about what to choose. Taking down notes sounds ridiculous yet a very effective way in choosing the sex doll you want.

6. Your Sex Doll Customization

What’s more exciting about picking your sex doll on the adult toy websites? Most sex doll company offers customization options that allow you to pick the color of your sex doll’s hair, skin, nails, eyes, size of the areola, and even vagina – where you can choose a shaved pussy or a bushy one. These choices are all yours to decide, so take this opportunity and make your sex doll resembles your dream girl very closely. It’s your chance to caress your dreamgirl and fuck her anytime you want through your sex doll.

When purchasing your sex doll, consider adding different colors of wigs or hairstyles where you can explore different sides of the beauty of your sex doll adding up the clothing or lingerie she wears. This will make your sex experience with your sex doll more exciting and interesting.

Note: Take good care of your sex doll and keep it away from materials such as latex, dark and pigmented colors, faux leather, as well as jeans, as these materials may stain your doll in some cases where your doll is exposed to heat along with these materials.

7. Take Budget Into Consideration When Buying Your Sex Doll

A good sex doll will be worth a lot of money but buying them will give you greater pleasure compared to other low-quality cheaper sex dolls. Buying a modern sex doll isn’t something you should try when you want to save money. It was extravagant to buy good quality, life-sized sex dolls. However, for some sex doll enthusiasts, spending money is not an issue because they get what they pay for – they have a good quality sex doll that gives them the best sensation that they longing for.

Things To Avoid When Buying A Sex Doll Online

There are many sex dolls available online and it’s a tough decision for you to pick the right one for you. There are factors that you should consider and avoid when picking your sex doll. And here, we give you tips on the things to avoid when buying a sex doll online.

Check The Material Composition

Since silicone-made material sex doll is a bit pricy that is why many are buying a cheaper one which is the TPE-made sex doll.  Though TPE is cheaper than silicone doesn’t mean that it’s not a good quality type. TPE focuses on the texture of a sex doll to provide a realistic and lifelike sensation for the users. But many reports and complaints about low-cost TPE  materials are being used in making fake dolls that will not last for a long period and are also highly toxic – carcinogenic.

If you are planning to buy your TPE sex doll, better see these 3 classes of TPE composition and see their difference.

#1. Low-cost TPE Composition

This low-cost thermoplastic elastomer is not qualified for food and medical application. That means it is harmful to our body but some are using it in making sex toys because it’s the cheapest TPE material. Its components are the following materials that you must learn before buying a low-cost TPE sex doll.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): Consists of harmful chemicals such as phthalates, lead, cadmium, and organotins. PVC is a carcinogenic material which means it’s dangerous to our body when contained and also can cause reproductive problems.
  • Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN): A Class 2B carcinogen classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).
  • Polystyrene (PS): Containing Styrene and Benzene, carcinogens, and neurotoxins that are harmful to our body.
  • Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA): A carcinogen that causes allergic reactions, immunotoxicity, and organ toxicity.
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS): A non-toxic material – petroleum-based plastic.
  • Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA): Irritate humans. Can cause itching and burning on skins. Also causes conjunctivitis, inflammation, swelling of eyelids, severe lacrimation, and photophobia.

#2. Medium-cost TPE Composition

This medium-cost TPE is much less toxic than low-cost TPE, however, still hazardous and does not either qualify for sex toys. It causes irritations the same as the low-cost TPE where it contains PVC, Bisphenol A, latex, and phthalates. Its product compositions are listed below;

  • Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO): Non-toxic material
  • Polycarbonate (PC): Hazardous in oral contact situations when bisphenol A is released during hydrolysis. Although this material is safe, it can be harmful depending on the type of polycarbonate being used for sex toys application.
  • Polypropylene Carbonate (PPC): Can cause irritations in the skin, eyes, and respiratory system.
  • PolytetraFlouroEthylene (PFTE): It is safe but can be dangerous when got expose to heat where it contains aluminum.

#3. High-cost TPE (Medical & Food Grade)

This high-cost TPE is the safest kind of TPE because it is medical and food-grade. Free of PVC, phthalate plasticizers, bisphenol A, or latex. Its product composition is listed below;

  • PolyArylate (PAR): Non-toxic material
  • PolyEtherSulfone (PES): Non-toxic material
  • PolyEther Imide (PEI): Smoke, flame, & fully toxicity compliant material, non-toxic material
  • PolyPhenylSulfone (PPSU): Use for baby bottles production, a non-toxic material
  • Thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI): No reactive chemicals, a non-toxic material
  • PolyAmide Imide (PAI): Non-toxic material

Do A Research On Seller

“I ordered a 160cm sex doll but they gave me 140cm” – There are instances like this when you expect the measurement that is posted on the online store is the same on the actual delivery but the seller fails to meet the indicated measurement. It stated on the store that their products are refundable but the problem is the shipping fee is very expensive.

When buying your sex doll, choose the legit products and recommended sellers to avoid being scammed. Research the product and stores online, especially when you are planning to purchase the pricey one. One of the best ways to see if the seller is legit is to check the product feedback.  See the product reviews where you can see all the customer’s feedback about the products that they purchase. From there you can already determine if the product is worth its price.

Also, check the seller’s address if the store exists in the area or if it is a valid address. Check also the email and contact number listed on the website. It is very important to get in touch with the seller whenever you need to contact them. In addition, using the contact number and email, inquire about the product. In that way, you can detect if it is a scam or a legit seller depending on their response to your questions – just ask generic questions about the product. Avoid suspicious stores online and incomplete details of sex doll products with no proper customer support.

How To Use Sex Doll

If you have already received the package, make sure to handle it with care and unbox it carefully. Gently place the doll on the floor with a blanket and rest it for a while. Make sure to follow the manual carefully to avoid misusing or improper handling of your sex doll. If your sex doll is ready for some steamy bed scene, here’s we will discuss with you the proper guidelines on how to use the sex doll, especially for beginners;

Vagina Sex With Your Sex Doll

The first thing to check when buying a sex doll is the depth of the orifices, especially the vagina. Because different dolls offer different sizes of the vagina. There are sex dolls that have a built-in and removable vagina. Make sure to check your penis size and see if the insertable length of the sex doll’s vagina accommodates your size.

Having vaginal sex with a sex doll is the same as having sex with a real human – it’s a lifelike sensation.  Most dolls are made of two types of materials, the Silicone, and the TPE. These two materials provide the users with a very realistic feeling while caressing the doll and the vagina is all-natural, designed for penis stimulation which works exactly as you imagine. Make sure to apply lube on your penis as well as on the sex doll’s vagina to add pressure and friction that will give you an amazing sensation.

Anal Sex With Your Sex Doll

So if you love anal sex, then check your doll first if the anal orifice is included in its features. Most sex dolls are ready for kinky sex, where you can do dual penetration. The same with a sex doll’s vagina, the anal orifice is naturally designed for penis stimulation. It’s a great experience pumping the anal of a sex doll like doing real anal sex with a real human with its very realistic, super tight anal – added with lube. Make sure the hole accommodates the size of your penis to avoid the anal from tearing apart.

Do Oral Or Make Your Sex Doll A Blowjob

All sex dolls have mouths, so you can make your sex doll do orals or blowjobs as many as you want. Apply lube to make it more intense to feel a lifelike sensation of a woman doing a blowjob with your penis.

Dressing Up Your Sex Doll

Dressing up your sex doll will stimulate your imagination. As role-playing is very important to increase your mood with your sex doll. You can dress up your doll like a hot lady wearing lingerie, a model wearing a bikini, or a nerdy type wearing a teacher outfit with eyeglasses. Depending on your taste, you can be creative in customizing your sex doll and all the dresses and accessories you need are available online. You can order an outfit online or you can make the outfit of your sex doll. Just take a look at the indicated size display on the website or your sex doll manual.

Hairstyle Of Your Sex Doll

You can do the hairstyle of your sex doll and you can order a wig available online. You can change your sex doll from a blonde girl to a hot brunette if you have the taste of having two types of girls. The hairstyle will add up attraction to your sex doll making her more beautiful and making you more excited about your sex doll.

Adding Up A Perfume

Spraying a perfume will turn on your mood with your sex doll. The fragrance will add to your stimulation while caressing your sex doll. It will make you arouse and will accelerate your sex drive, ready to fuck your sex doll in any position while smelling her.

Know The Types Of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are artificially made to provide all the fantasies and joys that a real sex partner offers you in bed. It’s a substitute for the person that you love and fantasize about. You are fucking a sex doll while you are imagining that person.

When having sex, most of us have favorite positions and styles which trigger our erogenous zones. The same goes when we are pleasuring ourselves with a sex toy like sex dolls. So, from here, we will discuss with you the types of sex dolls and see for yourself what type of sex doll will work for you.

#1. Silicone Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone material which is very soft and realistic that brings a lifelike sensation to users like fucking a real person. A silicone sex doll has a high water resistance compared with other types of sex dolls. And here, we listed some of the best silicone sex dolls available on the market.

Silicone Big Boob Half Body Sex Doll: LOVENOTE Sex Doll Male Masturbator with Torso, Realistic Big Boobs, Tight Vaginal, & Anal for Men Masturbation

LOVENOTE sex doll is made of silicone material with a metal spine inside making this toy firm that it doesn’t flop around you which makes it more realistic like you are doing actual sex with someone. Adding up the detailed molding of the genitalia makes it more exciting to use.

Silicone Big Boob Half Body Sex Doll


Store Available:

Price: $84.99

Product Weight: 12.57 pounds

Product Dimension: 14.45 x 9.33 x 6.46 inches

Features: anal and vaginal holes are tight and soft, silicone made material that is suitable for any type of lube, easy to clean, flexible type, waterproof, and the added weight sets the toy down allowing you to use it without affecting its set position.

Silicone Big Boob Sex Doll – Full Body: Marina ZELEX Silicone Sexy Doll American Girl

The Marina sexy doll made by Zelex is composed of silicone material. The Zelex company provides customers to customize their sex doll where they can choose the skin tone of their desired sex doll during purchasing. Customers can also choose their desired color of the nipple, eyes, hair, pubic hair, eyelashes, and freckle of their sex doll.

Marina ZELEX Silicone Sexy Doll American Girl

Brand: ZELEX

Store Available:

Price: $2586

Product Parameters

Height: 170 cm

Bust: 87.5 cm

Waist: 64.5 cm

Hips: 94 cm

Cup Size: C-cup

Weight: 43.2 Kilograms

Vagina Depth: 17 cm

Anus Depth: 16 cm

Features: For oral sex, anal, good mobility with 100% articulated metal frame, extra-soft silicone made material, easy to clean, flexible type, waterproof, ultra-realistic skin, with heating rod for vaginal and anal hole temperatures that make it close to human holes and genitalia.

Silicone Big Butt Sex Doll: PALOOUETH Lifelike Silicone Female Torso Adult Butt Toy

This big butt silicone-made sex doll is one of the most salable sex toys on the market because users can conveniently do pleasure in any position, especially the doggy style sex position. PALOOUETH did a great job of creating this sex doll butt where the design is ideal for anal and vaginal masturbation.

PALOOUETH Lifelike Silicone Female Torso Adult Butt Toy


Store Available:

Price: $39.69

Product Weight: 5.11 pounds

Product Dimension: 9.17 x 7.13 x 5.16 inches

Features: anal and vaginal holes are tight and soft, silicone made material that is suitable for any type of lube, easy to clean, flexible type, waterproof, super-realistic skin.

#2. TPE Sex Dolls

This type of sex doll is made of thermoplastic rubber – an actual mix of polymers made of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE’s heating resistance is lower than that of silicone which is why it’s cheaper than the price of silicone material. That is why the production of TPE sex dolls is higher than silicone sex dolls because it’s cheap and easy to sell out. TPE is also durable and elastic which is good for sex doll skin texture. Here, we listed some of the best TPE-made sex dolls available on the market.

TPE Big Boob Half Body Sex Doll: WM Doll – Half Body Sex Doll Big Boobs for Vagina and Anus Sex

WM half-body big boobs sex doll is made of safe and non-toxic medical silica gel – the TPE material. With a very soft texture nearly like real human skin. Applicable at any position that can improve your sexual stamina.

WM Doll - Half Body Sex Doll Big Boobs for Vagina and Anus Sex

Brand: WM Doll

Store Available:

Price: $297

Product Parameters

Length: 53 cm

Height: 14.5 cm

Width: 30 cm

Weight: 15 Kilograms

Vagina Depth: 14 cm

Anal Depth: 7.5 cm

Features: Breast, anal, and vaginal sex can do, TPE made material with a very soft skin-like texture, easy to clean, flexible type, waterproof, super-realistic skin.

TPE Big Boobs Sex Doll – Full Body: WM Doll TPE Love Dolls Long Brown Hair Women

This TPE full-body size sex doll is a lifelike sex figure with a movable body, its joints can be positioned where you can enjoy fucking it in different sex positions. WM doll has made a top-quality sex doll where you can customize your desired toy – you can choose colors and styles of the eyes, hair, skin, vagina, pubic hair, and more.

TPE Big Boobs Sex Doll – Full Body

Brand: WM Doll

Store Available:

Price: $1580

Product Parameters

Length: 53 cm

Height: 165 cm

Width: 30 cm

Weight: 41 Kilograms

Full Bust: 87 cm

Waist: 57 cm

Hips: 80 cm

Vagina Depth: 18 cm

Anal Depth: 15 cm

Oral Depth: 13 cm

Features: For oral, anal, and vaginal sex, TPE made material with a very soft skin-like texture, easy to clean, flexible type, waterproof, super-realistic skin.

TPE Big Butt Sex Doll: Female Torso Hip Big Butt Adult Male Sex Toys for Men Masturbation Doggy Style Sex

This TPE Big Butt sex doll is molded from a real sexy butt. It is made of TPE soft material which creates a more realistic skin texture. Enjoy the best sensation of your life with the lifelike vagina and ass of the big butt sex doll manufactured by Amwama.

TPE Big Butt Sex Doll

Brand: Amwama

Store Available:

Price: $89.99

Product Weight: 13.85 pounds

Product Dimension: 14.29 x 9.76 x 7.91 inches

Features: Lifelike big butt, anal and vaginal holes are tight and soft, TPE made material, easy to clean, flexible type – soft and stretchy, waterproof, super-realistic skin texture.

#3. Blow-Up Sex Dolls

Blow-up sex dolls also known as an inflatable sex doll is made of high-quality vinyl, rubber, and TPR that makes the sex doll flexible. This type of sex doll is cost-effective compared to other types of sex dolls.

Blow-Up Sex Dolls

Brand: Smiffys

Store Available:

Price: $27.36

Product Weight: 0.29 kilograms

Product Dimension: 7.09 x 6.3 x 2.36 inches

Features: Very portable, inflatable vinyl, TPR made material, easy to clean, durable, waterproof, easy to carry.

#4. Cloth And Stuffed Sex Dolls

This type of sex doll is very soft and easy to carry. It’s more likely an animated plush toy with clothing rather than a realistic sex doll. It is equipped with a slit for vagina inserts.

Cloth And Stuffed Sex Dolls

Brand: Tama Toys

Store Available:

Price: $318

Product Parameters

Height: 110 cm

Width: 30 cm

Weight: 1.2 Kilograms

Full Bust: 55 cm

Waist: 39 cm

Position: seated position

Features: with an onahole pocket (onahole not included), soft stuffed doll, easy to clean, easy to carry, customized wig, face, inner mask, camisole.

Where To Buy A High-End Luxury Silicone Doll

The examples we posted above are the available sex dolls online from half-body to full-size. But if you want to buy a luxurious high-end silicone sex doll, I recommend the following legit online stores/sellers that are selling high-end silicone dolls with great offers.

Sex Doll Store - Silicon Wives

If you want a lifelike-looking silicone doll that contains the latest and high-end materials in sex dolls – is the site that sells dozens of luxury sex dolls. Their product range has a total of 64 models including the 4 male models and most of them have a few or more customization options from height, color, to orifices. What makes their sex doll products separate from others is that they have profiles that describe each one of them bringing their sex dolls to life.

Sex Doll Store -

The Silicone Sex World is a UK-based company known for supplying both male and female TPE and high-end silicone-made sex dolls. It was founded by Andy Phelps, it was first set up as a store in London that offers over-the-counter sex products that were launched in 2016. The next year, they decided to close down the store but continue to sell online and made their website which is the

Sex Doll Store - Joy Love Dolls

Joy Love Dolls is an online store that are supplying high-quality silicone and TPE life-sized sex dolls. Their website provides a Sex Doll Videos and Realistic Sex Doll Blog as another strategy how for selling out their products. Joy Love Dolls sells sex dolls in many market segments, such as Anime Sex Dolls, European Sex Dolls, Asian Sex Dolls, Blonde Sex Dolls, Celebrity Sex Dolls, Japanese Sex Dolls, and many more. Also, it is a multi-brand store that advertises products of 6 known sex doll producers; WM Dolls, YL Dolls, Piper Doll, Doll House, Doll Forever, and AF Doll.

These are the legit stores online that you must visit if you are planning to buy your sex doll. These 3 sex doll online stores are highly recommended and many people are trusting these sellers.


Want to learn how to choose your sex doll? After discussing with you the types of sex dolls and the materials they are made of. You can now choose a sex doll that will work for your happiness and will give you the best sensation of your sex life even if you are single. You can experience a lifelike sex sensation with your right sex doll. You can now purchase on the legit sellers and online stores without worrying about the quality and service they provide.


How to make a sex doll?

You can make a DIY sex doll if you don’t have enough budget to purchase a real sex doll. If you have a life-sized stuffed toy, grab it and make a pocket or hole under its genital and insert a bubble wrap or a pocket pussy to start pumping it like you are fucking a sex doll. See Best Ideas To Make A Homemade Pocket Pussy to learn how to make your sex toy.

How to clean a sex doll?

If your sex doll is made of silicone material, you can wash it with warm water and a liquid soap because it has high heat resistance. And if your sex doll is made of TPE materials, rinse it with water and liquid soap and wipe with a damp cloth and dry it before storing.

How to dispose of a used sex doll?

Are you tired using of your sex doll? Or your partner is prohibiting you to use it? Either way, you should dispose of your doll properly and not just throw her in a garbage bag. It will be a big mistake and people might think you salvage someone and throw them. Or someone might report you for throwing things that are not good for the environment. The best way to dispose of your sex doll is to contact the sex doll supplier, they might offer free disposal and give you money. Or contact a disposal company.

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