Maybe for some, lingerie is not a familiar word for them. However, lingerie is the sexiest nightwear or loungewear of a woman. This type of clothing is something that could capture a man’s soul and dick (of course).

Moreover, this type of clothing is compatible with women of different sizes, from the smallest to plus size women. It is also used by some gays to entice the men they love. A lingerie is a great asset to look hot and show your partner that you are in the mood for some raunchy action without saying it.

Lingeries are available in the mall. But note that lingerie available in physical stores is not the ones that you see online, it’s the simpler version. But don’t worry there are a lot of online stores to actually buy lingerie. If you are looking for stores to buy sexy lingerie, well you are on the right page. Continue reading because below I will present the stores where you can buy sexy lingerie.

Different Categories For Lingerie – Sexy Lingerie Guide

Lingerie Sets or Bikini Type Lingerie

A matching set is an excellent way to start growing your underwear collection if you’re new to the world of lingerie. It’s a terrific investment if you can find a set of underwear that you love and want to wear. In addition, investing in high-quality bra and underwear sets that fit your body and flatter your shape will help you feel more at ease when you’re wearing lingerie.

Lingerie Sets - Laced1
Lingerie Sets - Laced2

Laced Bra – As the name suggests it is a laced bra. Meaning you can see it through the inside. This is the most common type of lingerie. You can always see this kind whenever pornstars or escorts have photoshoots, they always use the laced bras for more erotic feels.

Material: Lace Pattern (see-through)

Clothing Style: Bra

Price: $30 from

Sexy Lingerie Set

Lace Bikini – This is the most common type of lingerie because as the name suggests it is a bikini type. This is also easier to find than the other lingerie types.

Material: 100% Nylon

Clothing Style: Bikini type, Lace Panty, and Bra

Pricing: $155 in Third Love

Lingerie Costumes / Cosplay Lingerie

Maybe you’re a lingerie connoisseur already, or you want to make date night special for your partner. Lingerie costumes might be for you if you’re ready to get creative with your underwear. Costumes are more imaginative than normal lingerie sets.

Lingerie Costumes / Cosplay Lingerie

French maid costume – As you can see this costume lingerie, looks more appealing and sexy. Costumes add more flavor to your sexy lingerie set. Get ready for a tease night you nasty French maid.

Material: Nylon and Elastane.

Clothing Style: 4 piece costume lingerie set

Pricing: $42 in Bare Necessities

Babydolls and Chemises

Although both babydolls and chemises resemble short nightgowns, there are some slight variances. Chemises are often form-fitting and skim the body, ending around the mid-thigh. Babydolls are characterized by a looser fit, a lower hemline, and the presence of cups for further chest support. They push up your bust and hips while drawing attention to your waist thanks to their dress-like cuts.

Women Sexy Lingerie - Babydolls and Chemises
Women Sexy Lingerie - Babydolls and Chemises 2

Babydoll – This is a lingerie set of a see-through long top and a bikini panty. We usually see in porn films worn by MILF actresses. This is lazy nightwear, it is easy to wear and easy to take off if you’re having a raunchy night with someone.

Material: Mesh Style with Lace Details

Clothing Style: Long See-Through Top

Pricing: $80 from Victoria’s Secret

Bodysuits and Teddies

A bodysuit is a two-piece outfit that includes a bra and underwear. This garment, sometimes known as a teddy, is ideal for special events or layering under outfits.

Bodysuits and Teddies

Crotchless Teddy – This one is on the revealing side, well there are also teddies and bodysuits that are not too revealing. However, since we are talking about sexy time let’s have this open cup and crotchless teddy suit.

Material: Nylon & Spandex

Clothing Style: Bodysuit

Pricing: $33 in Bare Necessities

Corsets and Bustiers

Corsets are used to compress the waist and have grommets and ties that could be tightened to squeeze the midsection. Some corsets are still worn today as shapewear to assist smooth the body’s look.

Corsets and Bustiers

Corset – This is used to tighten the body and achieve that super model’s perfect body. This is also used by plus-sized to accentuate their body figure that is covered with unwanted fats. This is really effective in bringing out the barbie figure of your body.

Material: Nylon, Spandex

Clothing Style: Corset Top

Pricing: $85 in Davids Bridal

Garter and Garter Belts

Garter and Garter Belts were traditionally used as waist anchors to protect stockings from slipping down. This has become a charming, sensuous ornamental addition to a lingerie set as stocking and hosiery can now remain up on their own.

Garter and Garter Belts

Garter Belt – As you can see garter belt adds appeal to the whole look of the lingerie. It gives a more sensual feeling if you have that garter belt around your waist and legs.

Material: Nylon, Elastane

Clothing Style: Garter Belt

Pricing: $41 in Bare Necessities

Plus Size Lingerie

Everyone deserves to feel attractive and sensual in their own skin, and well-fitting lingerie can help you do just that. “Sexy” and “plus-size” aren’t mutually exclusive terms. Beautiful bras, underwear, and lingerie sets for ladies of all sizes, shapes, and sensibilities.

Plus Size Lingerie

Plus-sized lingerie – of course, lingerie is for everyone. In short, every category of lingerie has a size for plus-sized women. They made it possible because every woman is entitled of feeling gorgeous by wearing anything. Plus size lingerie can be a bodysuit, babydoll, cosplay lingerie, and all the other lingerie styles.

Material: Nylon, Spandex

Clothing Style: Babydoll

Pricing: $41 from Bare Necessities

Top Brands For Lingerie – Guide For Buying Sexy Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret

As everyone is aware Victoria’s Secret is a luxury brand for women. They produce quality products such as perfumes, swimwear, lingerie, accessories, beauty, sports & lounge, and underwear. They are a big name in the luxury industry. VS also conducts fashion shows for their lingerie and other products. These bestsellers will be on their next fashion show for sure.

Victoria's Secret - Sexy Lingerie

Bare Necessities

This is the shop to visit if you wanna look good with wearing just a little to nothing at all. This shop sells all women’s necessities to feel sexy. They have bras, panties, lingerie, swimwear, shapewear, and they have wedding necessities also. You can scroll through their wide selection of lingerie and shapewear, you will really enjoy looking at their collection.

Bare Necessities

Suzy Black NYC

This one is from Suzy Black based in New York City as the name suggests. The owner of the store was inspired by her mom who likes wearing lingerie as loungewear and it makes her feel like a woman. So, this shop is purely feminine they are only selling lingerie for women. As you can see their best seller Aubrey Asymmetrical Bralette is named after a girl. So, I guess it is safe to say that this store is for women’s empowerment.

Women Sexy Lingerie Shop - Suzy Black NYC

Gooseberry Intimates

This store is a Bali-based label, with an aesthetic that leans on the delicately lacey and softly unstructured side of the lingerie world. They offer shipping online and in-store purchases in their Bali boutique. Evey Gooseberry outfit is made to order, hand-colored, cut and sewn. As you can see these sets have the most reviews on their page which made them the best seller. They are on the average pricing which I think is a great advantage over other luxury lingerie stores.

Women Sexy Lingerie Shop - Gooseberry Intimates

Beautifully Undressed

Beautifully Undressed is an emporium for lingerie lovers. Offering a curated selection of luxury, fashion & designer-led lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, and upscale seduction accessories. This shop is a reflection of the desires of real women, who want to feel seductive, flirty, feminine, sometimes delicately naughty but always beautifully (un)dressed. The best-selling lingerie sets in Beautifully Undressed are designed by famous designers around Bali, Indonesia.

Women Sexy Lingerie Shop - Beautifully Undressed

Ashley Stewart

When you visit the shop you will probably notice that the shop is for plus-sized women. The shop aims to empower all women especially plus-sized women who constantly lose their confidence in terms of showing their bodies. And how they present their plus-sized models is nothing but sophistication. Their best-selling products are perfect for plus-sized women who are losing interest in their bodies, these lingerie are looking like a bomb when worn by them.

Women Sexy Lingerie Shop - Ashley Stewart


d.bleu.dazzled specializes in custom crystallized hosiery, lingerie, swim, athleisure, and performance wear. This brand is a favorite of some renowned Hollywood actresses like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, J.Lo, Meg Thee Stallion, Lizzo, and many more. You can expect quality from this brand since it is being loved by many artists. As you can see on their best-selling products you may see these statement thongs worn by many.

Women Sexy Lingerie Shop - d.bleu.dazzled


The mission of Yandy just like any other lingerie shop is to empower women & men to accept their sensuality in its physical, mental, emotional, and healthful facets. Yandy saying “own your sexy” is a great way to uplift women who are losing confidence every day. Since everyone is staying at home most of the time, having a pair of loungewear to make you feel beautiful and sexy is a great redemption for a woman’s self-esteem.

Women Sexy Lingerie Shop - Yandy

Third Love

This is an online store that sells all types of nightwear such as lingerie, bras, rompers, and pajamas. They are inspired by making the demand of the public on their collection. Third Love listens to the suggestions and rants of the public to make their products even better. They also give product sales often to give back to their customers. If you are looking for a simpler type of lingerie visit Third Love now.

Third Love

Love Honey

I know you are familiar with this brand. Well, If you are not, this brand sells sex toys to upgrade your sex time. However, this brand also sells sext lingerie that will surely make the night hot. They have exclusive lingerie designs and styles, they are also 50% off now. So, what are you waiting for? Shop at Love Honey now!

Love Honey


Eberjey is a very feminine shop, tho they offer also some for men and kids. They got a really good color palette. They also have different types of lingerie, you will really have a great time scrolling through their collection and picking what’s best for you.



Skims is a famous feminine shop because it is by a famous actress/influencer Kim Kardashian West. Her Skim collection is truly for everyone. It is for all walks of life, whether you are a model or just a normal person, you are a woman or woman at heart. Her collection supports you. She offers a lot of products for women.


Love Stories

This store is literally made of art. They offer different styles, different fabrics oddly matched with another fabric, or a color combination that you wouldn’t think will work. This shop encourages you to mix n match colors and styles. Also, the collection has designs that would make you feel gorgeous while lounging.

Love Stories 2
Love Stories 3

Anya Lust

Inspired by endless romance, decadent sensuality, and intoxicating femininity, Anya Lust is a lingerie dreamland, created for free-spirited women to revel in pleasure and all that makes life so incredibly beautiful. An online store that offers a true experience, where you can search for treasures, select your favorites and anticipate their arrival.

Anya Lust

Adore Me

Adore Me’s mission is to support every woman to celebrate her best self—because every woman deserves to feel loved, respected, and happy in her own skin. The shop to go if you are trying to find lingerie that will make you feel better after an unfortunate event in your life. The shop that will make you love your own.

Bare Necessities

There you go! The luxurious brand of lingerie is available online if you cannot go to their physical store. All of the stores here are available to ship worldwide. Don’t neglect the chance to feel pretty and gorgeous by just wearing almost nothing. Happy shopping!

Choosing Guide For Buying Sexy Lingerie

Here are the things you must consider if you buy lingerie from any shops.

Know the type of lingerie you want

Before you go and collect lingerie, know the lingerie style you want first. If you think that bikini lingerie is not promising for you then don’t buy it. If you think corset lingerie will be the best for you to accentuate your body figure then go for it. And make sure the corset lingerie sparks joy in your heart. If you aren’t familiar with the different types of lingerie, you can read more of it in part 1.

Comfort & Style

When it comes to lingerie, choose pieces that you will feel comfortable wearing that complement your unique style. Even if you want to surprise your man by buying lingerie, you must first consider if you feel comfortable in it. Only when you are really at ease in your lingerie will you be able to flaunt it.

Choose high-quality fabrics

It is critical that you select underwear of high quality. While you don’t have to buy the most expensive underwear in the store, low-quality lingerie doesn’t feel well and usually doesn’t look good. Don’t buy low-quality lingerie just for the sake of buying lingerie, and keep in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean bad, and expensive doesn’t always mean good. This boils down that you should have a keen eye on the product and test all the materials if you want to buy quality lingerie.

Is it worth the bucks?

Lingeries, whether well-made or not, should be within your budget. The lingerie’s price should correspond to the underwear’s quality. You might want to invest in some high-end underwear that looks and feels fantastic. There are, however, many inexpensive underwear styles that look excellent.

Know the season

A shift in season necessitates a shift in lingerie. Investing in heavier pieces, such as embellished pieces and layering pieces like bodysuits and teddies, during the cold winter months is a fantastic idea. In reality, when matched with your thick winter outfit, bodysuits and stockings seem a lot more sophisticated.

There you have 5 guides on how to buy sexy lingerie. Just make sure to consider the things listed above to help you buy the perfect lingerie for your body type that is within your budget. I hope this guide for buying sexy lingerie is helpful in any means.


It is always good to have many options. So here I have listed the online stores wherein you can find and buy lingerie for your sexy night or while lounging and you feel like dressing up sexy. Also, you have there a list of sample lingerie that you might encounter while scrolling through the online shops. I hope I helped you with finding the best lingerie for you. Enjoy shopping.


Where to buy plus-sized lingerie?

Plus-sized lingerie is not that hard to find since every store is considering having a plus-sized on all of their collection. However, in part 2 are the list of Top lingerie brands that you can visit, rest assured you can find your sizes in all of the stores. If you want to learn more read the Guide for buying sexy lingerie.