This is the list you’ve all been anticipating. Top female pornstars of all time! This is an all-time collection. There will be no more constraints imposed by a certain body type, age, or other factors. To put it another way, this is the cream of the crop.

Over the years, the adult industry has been graced with the hottest pornstars. But who stands out? Behold! You will now discover the greatest pornstars of all time.

Top 20 Best Pornstars Of All Time: Female Category

Blake Blossom
Top Female Pornstars Blake Blossom

Date of birth – February 2, 2000

Porn aliases – Blake Blossom

Official website – N/A

Debut year – 2020

Blake’s body is tight and toned, and she has a gorgeous all-over tan that beckons you to examine every inch of her naked body. You can tell by the intensity with which she approaches her blowjobs and sex positions, always pushing until she achieves deep balls.

Blake Blossom made her pornographic debut in the year 2020, She’s decided to make her debut in the pornographic scene when she turned 20. She’s been in the porn industry for two years and has been in 79 pornographic films.

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Lily Larimar
Lily Larimar Best Teen Porn Star

Date of birth – June 30, 1998

Porn aliases – Lily Larimar

Official website – N/A

Debut year – 2020

Underneath her garments, this huge-boobed lady is packing a lot of heat. Whether she goes out partying in clubs with her horniest gal buddies or riding enormous dicks on set, Lily has no concept of hitting the breaks. She could have easily chosen a career in the mainstream, but this raven-haired beauty is far too crazed for that.

When this slut began acting in the adult industry, she was 22 yrs old. She’s been in the adult industry for 2 years and has snatched her over 113 pornographic films. She hasn’t been nominated for any awards but has yet to win any of them. I’m confident she will receive a prize soon for her stunning on-screen performance.

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Nala Brooks
Top Female Pornstars Nala Brooks

Date of birth – July 3, 1998

Porn aliases – Nala Brooks

Official website – N/A

Debut year – 2019

Nala Brooks, who describes herself as trendy and hood, enjoys the better things in life, such as flawless manicures, fast vehicles, and lounging on boats with her other pornstars. Despite her fondness for anal intercourse, Nala’s perky posterior has stayed tight, round, and faultless throughout her pornographic career.

In the year 2019, she debuted in the pornographic industry. This juicy slut began fucking for us at age 21. She’s been in the porn business for three years and has over 60 porn scenes under her belt. Nala has been nominated for 0 awards but has yet to win any of them. I’m sure she will win something soon for her hot onscreen performance.

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Kayley Gunner
Top Female Pornstars Kayley Gunner

Date of birth – January 9, 1997

Porn aliases – Kayley Gunner

Official website – N/A

Debut year – 2020

Kayley Gunner is a force to be reckoned with in the pornographic world. She is a lovely busty goddess with star potential written all over her, that’s all I can say about her. This lady has a smile that could make a man weak in the knees, and she knows how to entice a man into giving her the pounding she desires.

This lady debuted in the pornography world in the year 2020. Kayley was 24 years old when she initially started working for the company. She’s been in the porn industry for two years and has been in over 40 pornographic films.

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Maddy May
Top Female Pornstars Maddy May

Date of birth – December 22, 1993

Porn aliases – Maddy May

Official website – N/A

Debut year – 2020

Make room for Maddy May, the fit and fuckable fresh-faced hottie who’s been stealing the show with her penchant for sucking and pounding thick dicks.

Maddy began in the year 2020 performing for us, this gorgeous babe was 27 years old. She’s been in the XXX scene for two years and has over 36 pornographic performances under her belt. She has yet to be nominated for any awards.

Riley Reid
Top Female Pornstars Riley Reid

Date of birth – July 9, 1991
Porn aliases – Riley Reid
Official website –
Debut year – 2011

It was like unwrapping a Christmas present when I saw Riley’s first anal scene; it was fucking wonderful. She like cocking and fucking and is really eager about it. Riley Reid has been in over 500 adult videos, began her career in the porn industry in 2011, and is still active today.

In 2013, LA Weekly named her one of the performers who could be the next Jenna Jameson, and from 2014 to 2016, she was rated in the CNBC dirty dozen list of porn’s most popular stars. She has been nominated 41 times and she won 18 Xbiz and AVN awards.

Her videos include a wide range of topics, including anal, lesbian, and domestic violence.

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Madison Ivy
Top Female Pornstars Madison Ivy

Date of birth – June 14, 1989

Porn aliases – Madison Ivy

Official website – club madison ivy

Debut year – 2008

She has been in 221 films and has been nominated for ten industry awards, including one in 2014 for her work on “hotel no tell” on a couple’s scene shot in Mick Blue. Ivy is a popular porn actress who also writes and directs some of her films. She was born in Germany. She’s a petite actress who strikes a powerful image with her D cup chest at 4’11”. Heather Starlet, her partner, and another porn star live with her.

In 2010 She has been nominated on AVN awards as The Best Oral Sex Scene and Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene shared with other pornstars. In 2012 still, on AVN awards, she was nominated as Best Tease Performance. And in 2015 nominated again as the Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

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Sasha Grey
Top Female Pornstars Sasha Grey

Date of birth – March 04, 1988

Porn aliases – Sasha Grey

Official website – Sasha Grey

Debut year -2009

Sasha grey, the youngest person to receive an AVN performer of the year award, has filmed 328 adult films, including two as a director, at the age of 20.  Grey is a multimedia lady with a successful crossover artist resume that includes mainstream movies, literature, modeling, and music. She has a devoted following, but she has tragically withdrawn from filmmaking.

Sasha garnered some awards during his time in the business such as Best Anal Sex Scene and Best Oral Sex Scene in 2010. She has also been nominated 40 times for AVN awards.

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Tori Balck
Top Female Pornstars Tori Black

Date of birth – August 26, 1988

Porn aliases – Tori Black

Official website – Tori Black

Debut year -2007

Tori has been in the industry for a long time and deserves to be recognized. Miss Tori has managed to keep hot while other whores have turned into ugly beasts. Black has made over 400 adult films and directed three. She was named the most attractive woman in pornography in 2010 by lad’s mag Loaded.

With AVN, SBiz, and others, she has gotten 64 nominations for adult industry awards, winning 18 of them, including female performer of the year five times.

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Bobbi Star
Top Female Pornstars Bobbi Star

Date of birth – April 06, 1983

Porn aliases – Bobbi starr

Official website – club bobbi star

Debut year – 2006

In 2006, Bobi, a beautiful, intelligent, and musically inclined pornstar made her debut on the pornographic stage. Starr has a reputation for having a strong work ethic and has had one of the most productive careers in the industry, having filmed around 600 titles.

Also, Starr has won AVN and XRCO awards as a performer and two AVN awards as a director. Her directorial debut, “Bobbi’s World”, was shot in female POV. Anal, lesbian, interracial, BDSM, and deepthroat are just a few of the popular tags she’s used for her flicks.

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Jenna Haze
Top Female Pornstars Jenna Haze

Date of birth – February 22nd, 1982

Porn aliases – Jenna Hayes

Official website – JenXStudios

Debut year – 2001

Jenna is an adult film actress, model, and filmmaker from the United States. She has become one of the most recognized names in the industry since joining in 2001, earning numerous awards.

In 2007, she received prizes for her cinematic work, including Best Oral Sex Scene and Best Group Sex Scene. Haze has been in 602 adult films and directed a further 15; she is widely regarded as one of the greatest pornstars of all time.

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Top Female Pornstars Belladona

Date of birth – May 21, 1981

Porn aliases – Belladonna

Official website – n/a

Debut year -2000

Her films contain a wide range of topics such as gang banging, anal, BDSM, and brutal hardcore sex, and she has directed many of her films. She has a devoted fan base and was named one of the most popular actresses in the porn industry in 2011. She’s been a fan favorite during her time because of her unique sexual expression and she’s so honest with it.

In 2013, Belladonna was named to the XRCO hall of fame. And nominated on lots of AVN awards from 2002 to 2011.

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Tera Patrick
Top Female Pornstars Tera Patrick

Date of birth – July 05, 1976

Porn aliases – Tera Patrick

Official website – n/a

Debut year -2000

She began her career as a model for Ford, capitalizing on her distinctive exotic appearance and superb physical attributes (5’10” with 36DD cup breast) before obtaining roles in a few niche B&D films at the age of 22.

Also, She was the first porn star to appear on the cover of FHM in July 2006 and was named one of the magazine’s most sexy ladies. Patrick, a lustful actress with a voluptuous and feminine body, will be admired for a long time in her many roles.

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Jenna Jameson
Top Female Pornstars Jenna Jameson

Date of birth – April 09, 1974

Porn aliases – Jenna Jameson

Official website – n/a

Debut year – 1993

Jameson, also known as “Queen Of Porn”, has been dubbed “The World’s Most Renowned Porn Actress” on numerous occasions. She has been in 187 adult films and directed four of them.

Her career began in 1994, and she worked till she retired in 2008. Jameson was the pioneer of the new wave of online pornography, creating clubjenna in 2000 and producing content for both web and traditional video and DVD distribution.

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Asia Carrera
Top Female Pornstars Asia Carrera

Date of birth – August 06, 1973

Porn aliases – Asia Carrera

Official website – Asian sex galleries

Debut year – 1993

Her filmography is diverse, demonstrating her versatility as an actress. Carrera does almost everything from DP with toys, anal, orgies, and all-girl action. “Betrayal”, considered one of her best performances, and was one of the films she authored herself. Asia also lent her voice to some erotic hentai OVAs. She has been a voice actor for quite some time.

Asia Carrera is the first Asian performer to get the award as AVN Female Performer Of The Year in 1995.

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Traci Lords
Top Female Pornstars Traci Lords

Date of birth – May 07, 1968

Porn aliases – Traci Lords

Official website – n/a

Debut year – 1988

The name Traci Lords is synonymous with pornography has been the subject of a scandal in the mid-1980s when it was found that she was an underage actress who had forged her ID to acquire a job in porn. This scandal has shaken the whole porn industry and made the biggest porn provider on the internet delete all her videos and even other videos that include her. And even video stores across the country had removed all material involving Traci to avoid any violation of the law over distributing child pornography.

All but one hardcore movie were reportedly shot before she was of legal age, a case that is said to have cost the industry millions of dollars. Despite that scandal, Traci had been gotten the Hall of Fame award but it was revoked when they discovered that she was underaged when she started her career.

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Ebony Ayes
Top Female Pornstars Ebony Ayes

Date of birth – January 28, 1962

Porn aliases – Ebony Ayes

Official website – n/a

Debut year – 1986

Ebony Ayes, dubbed “Porn’s first Black Female Star”, broke into the mainstream during the transfer of pornography from backstreet movie theaters to VHS.

While there had been black women in pornography before Ayes, Desiree West is a good example, they had mostly performed co-starring and supporting roles. Ayes, on the other hand, was the star of all her films.

She was most known for her work in “Black n Blew”, “Lust of Blackula”, and “Horny Heatwaves” and was active from 1985 to 1996.

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Ilona Staller
Top Female Pornstars Ilona Staller

Date of birth – November 26, 1952

Porn aliases – Ilona Staller

Official website – n/a

Debut year – 1978

She was the first woman to reveal her breast on Italian television in 1978, and she acted in a number of films throughout the 1970s. despite being married to pornographer Riccardo Schicchi since the early 1970s her debut pornographic film Telefono Rosso (The red telephone), was not published until 1983.

With her platinum blonde hair, long legs, and large tits, staller makes an attractive figure, but it is probably her natural zeal and energy throughout her performance that has made her a fan favorite.

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Marilyn Chambers
Top Female Pornstars Marilyn Chambers

Date of birth – April 22, 1952

Porn aliases – Marilyn Chambers

Official website – n/a

Debut year – 1972

During the 1970s, she was part of the new “porno chic” phase of adult movie stars who appeared in more mainstream films. Her first pornographic film, “Behind The Green Door”, was released in 1972 and featured previously prohibited issues like orgies and interracial sex.

She also won 4 awards one of which is the XRCO Hall of Fame, and 1 nomination.

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Claudine Beccarie
Top Female Pornstars Claudine Beccarie

Date of birth – June 14, 1945

Porn aliases – Claudine Beccarie

Official website – n/a

Debut year – 1972

What list of the top pornstars would be complete without Claudine Beccarie, the queen of the French screen? Beccarie was the first french pornstar, active from 1972 until 1982, after establishing her own career in a documentary about herself.

In addition, her work on “inhibitions”, “les joyeuses”, and “clandestine prostitution” is her most well-known. Beccarie was well-liked as one of the first porn actresses in the 1970s, thanks to her clear pleasure of her films and the elegances she brought to her parts.

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There you have it! Top 20 female pornstars of all time. The hottest, sexiest, and greatest porn stars of all time. Some are retired in the industry but their names remain on the list because they made their name the best during their time in the industry.

I know everyone is aware, that we have our own opinions, if you disagree with my list you are free to make your own list.


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